A Look into the Summer! (Upcoming Changes & More)

Hey whats up guys Cody here and with summer pretty much here we wanted to share with you guys our plans this summer and all the awesome new things to come! There has been a lot of things in the works and we want to share what will be coming and when you can expect them! This will be our biggest summer yet! We have a lot in store for you guys including website changes/upgrades, launcher changes/upgrades, more forum activities, more public servers, more void launcher mods, and more mod packs!

Website Changes:

We plan to expand out our mod installers section. With add in a way to filter through all the mods in different categories. We also plan to make this more expandable where any mod we put on the website can be transferred onto the launcher for the custom modpacks section of the launcher. We have been adding 1 mod installer a day and updating all old installers that have old downloads or no downloads at all. We will be having new mobile games get released so that means we will have a new section for our mobile games. We might also be allowing people to signup to the main website and post there own minecraft mods we haven’t decided yet on that.

Void Launcher Changes:

With the void launcher getting more and more stable for all PC and mac versions we plan to take it to the next step. This means we want to be able to expand on it. We currently have a great version that currently needs a few tweaks with the home page visuals and some more tweaks on the mod packs page to be perfect. We want to fix the mods page and make a make your own modpack section. This would give the user the ability to create a modpack within the launcher and package it up and put it on the modpacks page and then being able to send it to a friends launcher or being able to package it up for a server! This is great for people who want to have there own ideas for modpacks brought to life. More information on this coming soon. Then there is also the servers tab we want to redo this and make it a top list tab for the modpacks. Showing who has played the most out of any player we will need to add anti cheat hooks in there however so it might take a bit.

Void Forums:

More activity to come on here from all staff and this will be giveaways! We will be giving away a PS4 soon and other awesome games and server ranks etc! This will help build activity on there and give players an incentive to strive harder to be more involved with the community.  We also plan to finish up the mod forums for all our official mods and expand on the sections dedicated for each server getting rid of our server forums like crazy.voidswrath.com as it just spreads out our community. We just want to have it on one forum. We are also going to be adding more tutorials and more widgets like shoutboxes and more!

Voids Wrath Mods:

We have been hard at work with the team reworking our mods system and updating them all! We will be adding forum posts to all on the forums and we will also add them to the official mods section of the website! We have had an array of mods made in the past few months including five nights at freddy’s, clash of clans, pacman, and now we are working on an ironman hulk buster mod! We have spoilers come out every week on the atlantic craft twitter!

Voids Wrath Mod Packs:

There will be some updates coming to some packs like Jurassic Craft adding in some new mods and updating some old ones! Poke Pack will see an update soon to 1.8 or just adding new mods on 1.7.10. We strive to keep our packs updated with the latest content. We also will be adding crazy craft 3.0 alpha and Atlantis Survival. We are also cracking hard on game crashes and other bugs that are specific to certain PC versions and mac versions!

Voids Wrath Servers:

We currently have Crazy Craft 2.0, GTAHub, and Voids Wrath 1.0 for public servers. We want to go back and fix all known bugs on these servers and do an official reset and add a few things to fix up the servers. We also plan to be adding public servers for dream craft, crazy craft 3.0, jurassic craft and poke pack in the coming months!


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        When are Maze Challenge comming
        Ps. what PC are u guys using

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    CRAZY CRAFT 3.0!!!

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    when is voids wrath 2.0 coming out I’ve been waiting forever ;-;

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    can you cange the crash and ramdom log out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Add The Pack And PopularMMOs and gaming with Jen and choco and pete and finally ZexyZek and jaeger (to crazy craft 3.0 YOUTUBER server

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    thanks for the update M8

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    I have huge problem when i want to join Crazy Craft 2 server,it says bad login but idk why -.-

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    great more updates I know I bugged a little about this but can you try to fix clay soldiers

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    the whole sapmanpack thing

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    Can you guys please make a mod pack for How to train your dragon and add optifine for one of the mods, and it would be great for you to add optifine for the other mod packs, by the way optifine helps reduce lag, it’s really helpful, also add the mod where you can talk to people just like you do in the how to train your dragon series and jurassiccraft where the military came and you talked to them

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