New Server Release! Wild Wild West!

Hey everryone!! We got some awesome news for all you GTA lovers out there! Both Little Lizard Gaming and The Atlantic Craft have just started season 2 of their GTA series (IP: They will be playing exclusively on the new Wild Wild West server for this season, so make sure you hop on and say hi to all of them! The Wild Wild West server was fully released last week so its open season for hunting Penguins, Chickens, Lizards, and Turtles right now, so dont miss your chance to slay some youtubers! Also we have just begun to work on the schematics for the apartments and houses for WWW so be on the look out for that update in a week or two!

The Atlantic Craft Ep 1 Season 2

Little Lizards Ep 1 Season 2

  • TheAtlanticCraft


    • stormstriker1118

      i love ur channel guys keep up the AWESOME&GOOD work.
      also #TheJoeMaverick

    • james

      you are da bomb

  • stormstriker1118

    U should name a new vine the velociraptor (cant spell it)

  • stormstriker1118

    between new and vine its supposed to be dinosaur

  • LIam

    HI atlanticaft

  • Alanticfist

    i think im gonna faint

  • Alanticfist

    if you want me my friend on steam my name is HD boxers

  • Rashid

    I need a server

  • french fries gamer


  • MagicMan1207

    great server

  • Deadpoolthe_best

    ya MagicMan1207 it is good

  • Deadpoolthe_best

    played it

  • Danijel

    Nice server guys

  • FastFlashG

    oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah i like GTA 5 this is awesome

  • tH_real_white

    howdy doody tom someones calling youuu ho ho ho

  • kevin

    how to iam join the server?

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