Crazy Craft 3.0.2 The Superhero Update!


Hey hows it going guys Cody here to talk about what voids wrath has been doing and also to announce of a crazy craft 3.0.2 update! This is our next big update that involves superheroes! Superheroes everywhere I tell you!

Where have you been?

Well we have been really doing a lot of behind the scenes work with crazy craft and a few other larger projects. In late august we had come up with a new roleplay idea for the youtube channel and we have put in the majority of our effort into making this project a reality. We have also worked on superheroes unlimited crazy craft 3.0 testing and a few other side mods.

Crazy Craft 3.0.2 Update 

We saw a ton of requests for the superheroes unlimited mod to make its way back into the crazy craft scene and we made that a reality today! We have pushed an update for superheroes unlimited to shake up the crazy craft world! This update isn’t large as in a bunch of mod changes but it sure is a game changer with this brand new mod!

 Mods Added
– Added Superheroes Unlimited
Mods Removed
– none
Mods Updated
– none

How to Update your Server Safely!

  1. Download latest crazy craft server file right here
  2. Go to your server either through multicraft/filezilla or your own computer and copy your “world” folder onto your desktop
  3. Go to your mods folder and drag all the new mods in the .zip you just downloaded
  4. Replace all the mods in the mods folder with the updated ones (if you added any mods yourself they wont be overwritten)
  5. Go to your servers configs folder and replace all the configs with the latest one
  6. Start your server see if there are errors if not you should be good to go
  7. If there are issues try to resolve them yourself or contact voidlauncher support on the forums and create a ticket with your servers console errors
  8. If you manage to fix it yourself use your backup you made which wont have block IDs missing if you did something wrong the first time
  9. Enjoy!

How to Update your Mod Pack Client Safely!

  1. Simply go to the launcher make you have the latest launcher download redownload if your not sure here
  2. Hit play and if there is any issues hit reinstall it will not remove any save folders if you have the latest launcher download
  3. Enjoy!
  • Remanater

    my crazycraft3 launcher starts up but freezes on the loading screen then crashes, what do i do???

    • Mineco


      • Riley lenehan


    • DiamondGamer2_0


  • King_bob

    can i download just super hero unlimited mod

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      in our installers section of the website

  • BrassSilver

    I can’t play Crazy Craft 3

  • TOB

    CrazyCraft 3.0 gets to the downloading screen of mods in the actual Minecraft screen, then just doesn’t respond and freezes….

    • TOB

      NVM had to completely delete Decocraft and now I’m good to go

      • TheAtlanticCraft

        strange do you have the right java?

  • Robo_Jack09

    I can’t run the Pack with the Super Hero’s mod someone please help I really love this mod

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      wats your issue

  • Master BlackG

    i cant use my voidswrath launcher it says Error:could not create the java virtual machine

    Error A fatal exeption has occurred Program wll exit

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      you do not have the correct java

      • Vincent324

        my world won’t load

      • enderjelly555

        hi guys ive been waiting to play crazy craft for overa year but it is mutch too lagy even without mods how do you guys play without eny lag big fan of your chanel and also watch llg that weeping angel prank was funny i like the island you made WHERE DO I DOWNLOAD IT FROM I AM MAKING MY OWN MOD PACK I WILL LANTCH A MODDED SERVERWITH MY MOD PACK AND INVITE YOU GUYS TO DO IT PLEAS CAN YOU ALSO TELL LLG TINY TURTLE AND KELLY O AND I FOGOT TO TELL YOU I LIKE THE GARDEN YOU MADE FOR KELLY.THE MOD PACK IME MAKING IS FREE AND IS CALED BIG BLOCKS ALSO COMES WITH TEXTUR PACK AND IS AVALIBOL ON XBOX

        • Crasher The Fox Crash Producti

          dude you have to have a good computer with good ram they do nothing special but own great computers

      • enderjelly555

        what do you do to get a least laggy minecraft

      • Master BlackG

        Can you send me it

      • Kolton

        mine says java virtual machine error or something like that, what do I do?

      • John

        How do I find config files?

  • Master BlackG

    plz help me

  • ihgfds

    plz help me it keeps telling me : erro: could not vreate java virtual machine
    error:a fatal exception has occured. the programm will exit

    • Dylan Hawkes

      me to i redownloaded and it still says it

  • Yussif Gasir

    Pleas help me out iT keeps Saying that my pasword or username is incorrect but in my minecraft iT works help pleas

  • Khalifa

    How many GB does the crazy craft launcher need?

  • Riley lenehan

    When dose Crazy craft 3 mod pack come out

    • Wisp

      It has been out

  • Riley Gray

    anybody else having a problem with the super hero update? The Nuclear Radiation Duplicating to much and taking over the universe?


      go to %appdata% then .crazycraft3 then config then superheroes unlimited and right clck and press edit with notepad++ and change this: # Can allowed block spread (like Gamma)? [default: true]
      B:”Block Spread”=true

      change both of the true, to false

  • dragon

    it doesn’t work my crazycraft!


    how do i make the crafting recipes show up for superheroes mod in N.E.I?

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      inside the configs

      • Bozzy_pekka

        but what do u change plz HELP ME AND EVeRYONE

  • Riley lenehan

    Every time when I try to play crazy craft 3 I get on the server then it says shutting down internal servers. Can I have help pls

  • Robert

    where do you install it

    • RealSharp

      Download the voidswrath launcher

  • Robert

    plz help

  • Robert

    master same with me

  • Jake

    update inv pets please

  • Master BlackG

    what java do i need can u send me it Cody Or Joe

    • awesomeajay99

      7 8 is recommended

  • PlayingWithGames

    Why I cant login in minecraft it say i cant play in online and why i cant login in my account and i click the skin steve i go to to
    and while i downloader it not installer ples fix it ples chat right

  • Angel

    Hey u guys just reinstall crazy craft 3.02 and let the error message appear then hit okay, then open 2 .roaming files and open the minecraft folder and open the cc 3.02 folder can transfer the files to minecraft and make sure u have 1.7.10 forge

  • Ryan Krikorian

    [19:57:02] [main/ERROR]: Unable to launch

    CrazyCraft3 v3.0 Minecraftv1.7.10 has exited.(0)

    This is what it is saying at the end of my console minecraft wont load up help please

    • enderjelly555

      i think you need forge

  • noah ogilvie

    can someone help me? I cant find out the crafting recipes for the superheroes

    • Liam Wade

      Remember you need to be at the Hero Maker, not a crafting table.

      • KiruSan

        Liam dat where you make the outfit he asking how do you get the recipies to made the outfit since it don’t pop up when you go to too much item mod. If you need help with recipies go to my post.

  • DiamondGamer2_0

    hey, is this mod for mc 1.8?

    • Crasher The Fox Crash Producti

      no it is for 1.7.10 i think :3

  • Zack

    Can you please add the updated inventory pets mod to the modpack? When I login it says that inventory pets is outdated.


    what mods are IN the mod pack? I was looking around your website
    but didn’t see a TAB or information anywhere that shows that mods included
    In the pack.?. Thanks, I used to enjoy playing on the old crazycraft 1.0
    though, its been awhile since I had gotten onto the HEXXIT & BTEAM mod pack on techinc.
    But, I’m definantly excited to get back to playing crazycraft again.

    By the way, good job on your “JAWS” series That’s a nice roleplay letsplay.
    did ya’ll make that world ya’ll? it was really cool

  • Walter

    how do i fix non responing crazy craft single player world ?

  • Walter

    plz tell me how because i cant play a single player world only a sever

  • noah ogilvie

    what do I click and change when I’m in configs, to allow me to have the superhero recipes

    • KiruSan

      You need to find crafting recipies in the configs ( I open the configs in notepad) then type true where the word fals is a little bit late but good luck :)

      • oguzyilmazx

        cant find crafting recipies in configs…

        • John

          How do I find config files?

      • John

        How do I find the config files?

  • Wisp

    What java do u need to play with almost no lag

  • Age Manager

    my crazy craft is crashing with the new update

  • Age Manager

    what should i do

  • Age Manager

    how do you check your java

  • goanna678

    to get crazy craft 3.0 to work with 32 bit PC’s, use multiMC
    because (somehow) it “works” better than vanilla launcher
    (but be warned, it will lag)

  • azhar ahmed

    How to I get the crafting recipe up for the super heros

  • Jacques Fletcher

    i click play and this come up and i click on the link and i can’t download

  • CrazyLover

    Hey I really want to know how can u play the game IDK I am going crazy for crazy craft:-P

  • Kreshnik Rrahmani

    please can you tell me the server that Lachlan and all those other youtubers play because I really love this game crazy craft 3.0.2

  • Ryan Fawdry

    Why can’t I see the superheros crafting recipes??

    • Dufdragon

      go to config and scroll down till you find this , it should say
      # Can everything be crafted in the Crafting Table? [default: false]
      B:”All Crafting Table Recipes”=false

      then change false to true

      # Can everything be crafted in the Crafting Table? [default: false]
      B:”All Crafting Table Recipes”=true

      that should let you see the recipes ( make sure your not playing the game )

      • LuckyLightz

        wheres config?

        • RealSharp

          .minecraft folder

      • LuckyLightz

        what mod do you go into to do this help!!?!?!?!??!?

  • ProStrafezz

    When i get into the launcher and click on it and it starts to download everything it just stays on 0%

  • ProStrafezz

    someone plz help i really want to play crazy craft

  • Kreshnik Rrahmani

    when I load up the voidwrath launcher and I try start up the game it says java virtual machine error how do I fix

  • michael

    what do I do about the fact its a jarfile I cant open the game because of it

  • Abdul Rahman Shah

    plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  • ProStrafezz

    plz some1 help WHEN i download the crazy craft pack its not moving its just staying as 0% plz someone help i really want to play crazy craft

  • Jawad

    My launcher worked the first time. Then when i tried to relaunch it, it stopped at 5/7 phase 3 inilitizing. Can someone tell me how to fix that.

    • RealSharp

      Just started happening
      I had to restart my laptop

    • Night Fury

      Have you added some mods? If you did that’s the problem it was the same for me…

  • 06josh

    I have minecraft on 1.8.8 do you have any mods for me

  • Lord Master

    Next, can you make the moon mod?

  • TKTroller

    just reading this hurts my feelings seems so broken…

  • TheAtlanticCraft

    If you need help please make a support ticket post

    • Jay

      how do i install it

      • Awesomeman

        I dont know to?

    • Tomux

      hey how to increase memory on voidswrath launcher

    • reece

      I cant login

      • RealSharp

        I’ve had this issue first: Change Minecraft Login
        Wait about a hour or so
        Restart com(mac/windows) {Optional}
        Try to Login again

        If this doesn’t work delete voids wrath from desctop downloads and downloads (Ctrl+J)
        Reinstall VW and try again

        It is a issue wen you login with a Mojang account

        • IKE

          I know how to get the thing to work u do your email that u signed up with and not ur username i just figured it out today

        • Natalie Frei Punchard

          desktop* please spell correctly! it annoys me when people don’t ¬_¬

          so please do

    • Owen

      I go the void launcher but i cant play crazy craft

      • Anna Mitchell

        yeah me neither

      • Meggie

        yeah me too its annoying and i was so exxited to play but now :(

      • DatshotT

        same it says wrong password when its right


      i crash when in phase 1

    • Rook777

      I can get in, but I half-crash when trying to play a world. A half crash is worse than a normal crash, since it can leave your computer frozen for days and not able to do anything. All I ask is try your best to fix load times, if you can’t, I still has respect for the modpack.

      • Unicorn Senpai

        same here, what do you do to avoid it¨

    • Nick Canuso

      can u get me the download for mac i cannot find it

      • iZeah__

        its the cross platform download

    • Rex Alfa

      when i try crazy craft 3.0.2 it saids Error:cannot make java virtual machine

  • MisterCreeper GR

    well mister cody heading over to tha vertual machine also if you need help download the javaruntime vertual machine

  • Kaitlyn McDonald

    It wont load it keeps saying Error:Could not create the java virtual machine Error: A fatal exeption has occurred.Program will exit. I have no idea what to do and what java I need please help someone!!!

    • Jake The Razor

      Yeah! same!!!!
      someone help!

      • RealSharp

        Easiest Solution

        transfer all mods from .(mod-pack folder{Ex: .crazycraft30}) to mods folder in .minecraft
        It ends the same

        -Failed to load with
        -Error: Could not create the java virtual machine
        -Error: A fatal exeption has occurred
        -Forge 1.7.10
        -mods folder
        -Real minecraft account
        -Updated Java
        -Good frame rate
        -10-70 frames will change to about 0-10 frames

  • danielle

    i dont get it it doesnt work for me:(

  • Lachlan Lombard

    It’s not letting me to see the crafting recipes

  • auston1230

    when i try to open crazy craft it says i don’t have a full version of minecraft

  • auston1230

    but i do

  • jack collins

    how do you get superhero crafting recopies

  • Angrybear01

    can you send me the java too i had the same problem as master blackG

  • Craft Mania

    My world does not create with this modpack does my notebook has little room?

  • Jtplaz3

    it would be fun, if i could use it.

  • Caleb Conerly

    I can’t figure out why when I try to play CC 3.0 it says Error: could not create Java Virtual Machine

    Can you please tell me whats wrong ASAP

  • TheDragonicBeast

    Do you need forge to use?

  • Matthew Crompton

    I need help. I try to go on to crazy craft and it says error java virtual machine failed to create fatal error program will close what do I do?

  • CalPlayzGames

    Sadly i cant play because my computer cant handle it. Do you have any suggestions on what few mods i should take out of the pack and load?

  • Jesus Aguirre

    I’ve downloaded the update and when i want to play, it doesn’t let me, what do I do?

    • TheRealJrd

      Most Mods In Minecraft Need Java 7 Update 67

  • Jesus Aguirre

    It just says
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual
    Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will restart.

    What do I do?

  • brayden

    i cant even do anything

  • TheRealJrd

    Is There Any Servers For Crazycraft 3.0.2?

  • KiruSan

    For those of you need help here: to figure out how to get the reciepies for the superhero mod fowllow this instruction: “If you go into your voids launcher and then on to crazy craft 3.0.2 or whatever version and click the “advanced” tab and click config scroll down until you see superhero’s unlimited mod open it with notepad etc. and go down to until you have reached crafting table recipes and turn on recipes by typing in true where false is!” 😀 post by Cle at the forum. If you have trouble with crash or can’t open crazy craft 3 delete your current Java(you can search up how on YouTube) and download the latest Java for it to work. If it just laggy just turn all your gaphic down, that will help a little bit. If it doesn’t help then you need a better computer. Sorry for my spelling and if any of these don’t fix your problem don’t blame me, I like to help but I am no expert so I can’t fix everything.

  • samuel

    hey cody and joe you guys are awesome! my friends are launching a public modded server 54 mods wow! I’m trying to get them to get my favorite you tubers like you guys admin ranks :) I’m also getting them a private crazy craft 3.2 server and i would love it if you guys would get on it! hey my username is cedersam and you guys can film on that server!

  • samuel

    i don’t know how to get the crazy craft 3.2 server onto my mine craft!

  • Panda cookie


  • tashi raja

    when I tried to download it I kept saying not much space I am a youtuber

  • Stephan Ferreira

    How to show superhero recipes

  • ItzQueenGaming 843

    i nee help it always says error every time i try to install the crazy craft server HELP!

  • LDFluttershy xox

    Hey Guy’s How Do I Get The FNAF Mod Plz Tell Me

  • Awesomeman

    Help i dont have crazycraft yet what do i do

  • Noah

    AtlanticCraft can u send me the mod pack folder plz

  • redskull751

    i cant seem to download it can you help

  • the helper101

    hello guys if you are having an erorror saying could not create java virtual machine erorror it means you dont have 64-bit java so get it from here —–>

    • RealSharp

      Instead transfer all mods from .(mod-pack folder) to mods in .minecraft
      It ends the same

  • Callum Sweary

    i’ve got nei and superheros unlimted on normal minecraft but the crafting recipes don’t show up and i’ve seen on crazycraft they do. so how do you make them show up plz?

  • Abubakar Gaming

    when i was on crazy craft 3 the server was not there and my world was not oning

  • heroicain

    my crazy craft won’t work

  • premiumNC

    looks epic

  • the helper101

    when ever i load up my world on crazy craft 3 it crashes

  • Daikiyori Toyotomi

    I want Albert Wesker suit for Villian Maker!!! :3

  • the silly brothers

    can you just put it in technic platform please

  • Randomperson

    i am having java problems please help

  • reece

    it says my email is wrong but im positive its correct??

  • Josh Hickerson

    hey i cannot open voids wrath what happened i reinstalled plz help :(

  • Guilherme Belem

    Where the low progam?

  • Guilherme Belem


  • Guilherme Belem

    ‘m British but my pc loads Life Is Strange normally

  • Guilherme Belem


  • Guilherme Belem

    My Minecraft and pirated works ?

  • Guilherme Belem

    Someone help me

  • EnderStar12

    Whenever I try to open Crazy Craft 3.0 it says:
    Java Virtual Machine Launcher
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
    Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.

    Got any ideas how to fix this?

    -P.S. I am a atlantean… big time…

  • ssuuggee

    hi guys i love your channel but where can i down load crazy craft 3.0

  • Melwin Siby

    I carnt generate a new world need help

  • Melwin Siby

    says no responding

  • Luke

    what forge is it 1.7.10/1.9/1.8

  • king

    when ever I run the lanucher it says something about error fatal and will exit the lanucher

  • TC Cağrı ÖZbıyık


  • maso

    my forge won’t work but i have the latest version

  • SomeGuy

    Help it says
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine
    Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit
    What Do I DOOO

  • Emma

    i cant log in it say minecraft error

  • Anthony Balg


  • KenuDj45

    it wont let me download it

  • KenuDj45

    by the way, i love u guys … in friend type way,and youtube type way

  • SlyOwl

    Hey guys I have no idea what I am doing at all. Any tips/suggestions/advice that might help me

  • alex

    it wont let me play it installs it then when i click play it starts loading then says ” could not create java virtual machine a fatal error has occurred program will exit” please help me fix this problem i have no idea what to do or what it means thanks.

    • emma lilienthal

      I had the same problem!! I think it is because my computer is outdated by 5-6 years…. How old is your computer?

  • Owen

    I got voidslauncher but it wont let me play any mods


    i crash when in phase 1

  • awesomekid47

    it says java virtual machine cant be created pllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeee help me

  • XGuildedDiamondX

    It stops at 2/7 for me and then says it’s “not responding.” plz help me…….
    OH and I have another problem when I go to individual mods and try to download one it says “extracting package orespawn.” and just stops installing!

  • Chili Chicken

    How do i install biomes o plenty when i try to start it it says i need a newer version of forge is there any way of updating the forge version for crazy craft 3.0?

  • colby

    i will be playing soon once i get my new computer and i watched all your crazycraft vids

  • Valerie

    hi TheAtlanticCraft

  • DolphinMan

    what do you i do wen i’ve installed everithing?

  • Max Quartz

    I go to the beginning where is the singe player and stuff and when i press ”singleplayer” and create a new world it doesnt let me in and it throwes me to void launcher and says : crash…
    Plz help me! I’m so exited to play this awesome game!! ;(

  • IronTesla2157

    how do install crazy craft 3.0.2?????

  • IronTesla2157

    how do install crazy craft 3.0.2 ?????????????

  • IronTesla2157

    is any1 on?!?!?!?!??!

    • Gensarcastic

      im on

  • Gensarcastic


  • Gensarcastic

    why is the download stuck on LWJGL-PLATFORM-2.9.0-RATIVES-WINDOWS.JAR…

  • xXastaspastaXx

    Stucking at (6/7 finishing up)

  • momo

    omg TheAtlanticCraft i love you

  • Blazejack Ryan Dugent

    um hello how can we optimize 3.0 for the slower more unstable computers because whenever i start a new world it crashes every time

  • RemixXDynamixx179x

    how do I download this exactly?

  • Spencer Fletcher

    Is there a Crazy Craft for Minecraft 1.9.x?

  • Alexander Lynch

    what version is the crazycraft??? version 3???

  • Spongybobjack

    I cant Play crazy craft =( I was very exicted to play crazy craft. and no other modpacks work

  • CReeper F

    I want to try to remove the superheroes mod but all the time I do, the modpack reinstall everything so I can’t remove it!!! plz help

  • Reid Hull

    Where’s the download button?

  • the_ardvark

    What version of Super Heroes Mod is it?

  • Mikey_ Bad05

    What is the version for Crazy Craft?

  • iZeah__


  • iZeah__

    i was playing crazy craft and it crashed my computer and now i can’t get back in

  • iZeah__

    can’t open the launcheri

  • SkylerPlays07

    Is This for windows?

  • Jessika Junni

    Help i don’t know how to install

  • Krista Lawlor

    my crazy craft doesn’t work it just shows me the java application for a few seconds then dissapears i don’t know what ti do i even reinstalled a few times and played again but nothing works can anybody help?

  • booboogarren

    its not leting me play crazy cartft i downloaded it and ever thing and it whot let me play what do i do

  • Mrzpanda102

    Hey Cody every time I make a world my world get coverd gama and I can get rid of it

  • TRexMike25 _

    every time i start the game it shows the main menu of crazy craft. But when i try to make a world it comes up with a blank dirt screen and crashes

  • TRexMike25 _

    i click on the launcher it shows the logo and then disapears

  • DatshotT

    Why does it say that I dont have an account or wrong pass word when i did everything right???

  • Kyle Casey

    some reason when i download your Void launcher it wont let me log into minecraft for a few hours

  • Possible Gaming

    I can’t get the world online like I don’t see any of the mods or the world.

  • crazy craft security

    you need a minecraf premium account I hope this helped you I helped make this game and we are trying to get more mods on crazy craft so there will be some errors

  • Noelle Dennis

    I’m able to log on and play online but the Official public server isn’t working and when I try to add other servers I add the ip in and it shows the server in the server list but when I try to get into the actual server it says something like error please wait before trying again.. is this a bug with the update or with mu computer? and how can I fix it?

  • Alens

    Why cant i click the official public server thing?

  • Daniel

    How do i get crazy craft 3.0 and can i get it on and Mac OSX?

  • mohmed

    how make log in for the crazy craft

  • Iva Oody

    I cannot download Crazy Craft at all for some reason! I am going to explain everything I did and see if anyone can help me. I have a Windows 10 computer. First I downloaded MineCraft version 1.11/1.11.2. Then when I figured out that everyone was playing Crazy Craft including famous youtubers I downloaded Void Launcher. When I started running Void Launcher it work perfectly so I decided to download Crazy Craft 3.0.2/3.0 (something like that). The launcher says that in order to run Crazy Craft I needed to download minecraft version 1.7.10, but I already have version 1.11 as well. I went to forge and downloaded MineCraft 1.7.10, then went back to the Voids Wrath Launcher and started it. When I went back to it I clicked Play but it said that I didnt have a username and password so I typed my username and password, then it said Your Username and Password is incorrect (something like that) so I went to to login but when I logged in it said my account didnt exist so I sat my computer to the side and waiting. When I went back to login to again without the Void Launcher on it worked so I thought that it was ok to go back and try to play it but when I did it did the exact same thing to me saying my username and password is incorrect… A few months later I tried it again but this time I watched a video online about how to run Crazy Craft and I tried that and it let me run minecraft. When I chose singleplayer and created a world it just crashed! I dont understand whats wrong! I have been working on this for many months now but nothing is working?!?! If anyone knows whats going on please tell me. I will provide more information if needed. Thanks..

  • The Autistic MC

    make crazy craft 4.0

  • Tam313a

    can we download a lets play map?

  • Xavier Prieto

    Hi Cody I love your videos on YouTube. I have been watching how to Trane your dragon

  • lokihobbs

    I go the void launcher but i cant play crazy craft

  • omar

    can you mack it to 1.102







  • george peters


  • The Autistic MC

    Can u udpate this to 1.12

  • freakis girl

    um.. noob question how do u install

  • Schenku2 Schenk

    i cant join the server

  • Natalie Frei Punchard

    how do i make the file be a mod?
    right now its downloading but what do i do when its done??

    please help!

  • Natalie Frei Punchard

    for which version is this? i cant find the correct one! please help me!!

    • Natalie Frei Punchard

      please help! 0.0


  • Natalie Frei Punchard

    What version is this for???? i need help i cant find it!! please help!!

  • Natalie Frei Punchard

    please can someone tell me which version is this for!?
    and also something is wrong with my comments i post one and i refresh the page and then its gone please fix that!!

  • TheSmap

    Is crazy craft a scam cause i might get it.

  • CuteKitty 8896

    How to get on Xbox 360 or tablet/iPad???

  • T Erkol

    I wish that chicken chests were still in the game

  • Naethan

    this is so cool

  • CoffeeWizard

    you should add the ghosts form pac-man into the game to repel pacman

  • Koray

    i have tried for a while now to download crazy craft, but every time i do it crahses down for some reason. can anyone help me out?

  • Aumg Ha

    Crash when i open crafting recipse.

  • Zor Games


  • [OV]Noob

    When I join the map it join but left few seconds after joining and says: a fatal error has occurred this connection is terminated

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