Five Nights at Freddy Movie Release!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here and I am proud to show you guys are latest animation project. We released our Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie animation on our youtube channel The Atlantic Craft! This animation is a whopping 8 minutes long and has been in the works for over a month now! This animation has 2 children who are brought to the grand reopening of the Freddy Fazbears pizza restaurant. Everyone is having a good time with music, rides and pizza then things take a turn a turn for the worse when Cody and Joe are left after hours at the restaurant! The 2 kids explore around to find out what is happening at this mysterious and creepy place. 

Limited Time Five Nights Poster!

We have a limited edition Autographed Poster based off the Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie animation! These are limited time only so get them while you still can! 



  • paolo

    Make the mod 1.6.4 and i cant get any mods or modpacks?

    • Axl Fabian Olivares


  • Aston Lasham

    dj im with u there

  • Agent Spike

    is it the fnaf 2 mod on technic?

  • cody

    hey guys

  • Odin O Delgado

    leaving as those of the two

  • Attiya Waqar


  • wierdsquid

    were is the suprise eggs mod

  • wierdsquid

    were is the suprise eggs mod did you relese it yet

  • juanisidro

    es una mierda de mod

    • Axl Fabian Olivares

      tu eres mierda el mod solo funciona en supervivencia

  • juanisidro

    juas juas juas nisiquiera sirve

    • Axl Fabian Olivares

      si sirve solo en supervivencia

  • grace

    hi my minecraft name is MonkeyLoverOMG you should play it is a server on minecraft it is awesome no lie

  • Pierre Andre

    added all plz!!!

  • andrerambo

    alantic craft is very coool!! +AlanticCraft

  • juanisidro

    siendo sinsero para nada me gusta este mod es
    demasiado trucho prefiero el mod too many items porque usa mas utilidad no es una porqueria que no sirve ni para ablar por favor quien es el creador retrasado de este mod

    • Axl Fabian Olivares

      no es mierda el mod lo unico para que funcione es estar en supervivencia :v

  • juanisidro


    • Axl Fabian Olivares

      no es mierda solo funciona en supervivencia

  • Zappy1919

    this is awesome

  • Eskimo Gaming


  • MagicMan1207

    Liked the movie by far one of the best animations I have seen

  • Deadpoolthe_best

    love it!

  • Deadpoolthe_best

    and it scared me b/c i was waching it at night

  • Danijel


  • FastFlashG

    omg this is so spooky i like it

    • darth troop

      yeah i think so to

  • darth troop

    hello cody you are one of the best youtubers!

  • darth troop

    and i like the animation realy much i like fnaf and felowship the most have it grate

  • darth troop

    and also i like dreamcraft

  • darth troop

    and i sould like to play with you on some servers bye i can leve more coments
    just to be sure that you know that 😀

  • darth troop

    if you dont understand im from sweden and are 10 years old

  • darth troop

    i gona get a own you tube chanel!!!!

  • i_like_foxy

    i have a youtube channel?

  • Skyler Garcia

    i made a youtube channel

  • Evan Bonaparte

    Need an awesome channel to watch videos on, watch TrueGamingLegacy, i hear they are making the minecraft movie!

  • LDFluttershy xox

    How Do I Get The Mod

    • BOB

      Yeah, how?

  • Sean Barker

    I have Been inspired to become a YouTuber because of CODY
    #i like Cody more than joebuz

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