Jurassic Craft 1.0.1 Update!

Hey how’s it going guys Cody here for an announcement for Jurassic Craft! We have been working on the pack and we are proud to show you guys what we have in this Jurassic Craft 1.0.1 update! This update contains a few new mods and old ones that we decided to add back in! We are loving Jurassic Craft and it seems so are the fans!

Jurassic Craft Changes

The Jurassic Craft 1.0.1 update was mainly to implement some updates that rolled out for a couple key mods and to add some old mods back in from the 1.6.4 version of the mod pack. This update gives Jurassic Craft a fresh feeling and contains some necessary bug fixes.

 Mods Added
– Added Soul shards
– Added McHeli
Mods Removed
– none
Mods Updated
– updated fossil&archeology (more dinos)
– updated jurassic craft (baby dino suffocation fix)
– updated vehicle core
– updated dirt bikes & more

How to Update your Server Safely!

  1. Download latest jurassic craft server file right here http://vl4.voidswrath.com/release/JurassicCraft2.zip
  2. Go to your server either through multicraft/filezilla or your own computer and copy your “world” folder onto your desktop
  3. Go to your mods folder and drag all the new mods in the .zip you just downloaded
  4. Replace all the mods in the mods folder with the updated ones (if you added any mods yourself they wont be overwritten)
  5. Go to your servers configs folder and replace all the configs with the latest one
  6. Start your server see if there are errors if not you should be good to go
  7. If there are issues try to resolve them yourself or contact voidlauncher support on the forums and create a ticket with your servers console errors
  8. If you manage to fix it yourself use your backup you made which wont have block IDs missing if you did something wrong the first time
  9. Enjoy!

How to Update your Mod Pack Client Safely!

  1. Simply go to the launcher make you have the latest launcher download redownload if your not sure here http://test.voidswrath.com/voidlauncher/
  2. Hit play and if there is any issues hit reinstall it will not remove any save folders if you have the latest launcher download
  3. Enjoy!
  • Budderboy 57

    i downloaded it then later it downloaded again, it wouldn’t let me play any mod packs or mods. I tried to re-download and restart me computer but it didn’t do anything. help please :(

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      pelas hit reinstall

      • Steven_Ryder25

        TheAtlanticCraft I try reinstalling it. But it won’t work. I have the same issue.

  • The ender creeper

    Hey Cody um I’m wondering how do you get a mod auto installers

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      go to the installers and hit download and find the one for your version you want and then hit install and it auto installs to the .minecraft mods directory and be sure to run forge 1448 for 1.7.10

  • Heather Leigh Scott

    I still can’t get it to work. It keeps claiming “not responding” and kicking me back out and making me reinstall. Tried several times. Any suggestions?

    • Heather Leigh Scott

      So I THOUGHT I fixed it, but I didn’t.

      • TheAtlanticCraft

        I need more details on your operating system and everything please make a post on the voidlauncher forums

        • Jared

          Make lime vs orange clay battlers

        • EDSTAR007

          I can’t open hat menu i Jurassic craft.

        • irsyadzaidanbilqisty

          Can You Make the Map?

  • tH_real_white

    doesent work

  • timothy

    i need help it does not work i goes all the way to the single player and multiplayer but nothing worka after that

    • Adriana Monzon

      how did you install the jarassic craft

      • emily

        by the link

  • timothy

    can some 1 help please

  • jbril

    i cant figure out how to download it to minecraft

  • samuel

    how do you start

  • karledrian

    how to doneload it

  • Minecraftalanticcraftfan

    Can’t download can someone help me

  • shunon

    I cant start up the jurassic craft mdpack.
    im playing on a mac with java 8.
    when i click play it starts deploader but when minecraft is meant to start it crashes and when i reinstall it makes no difference,

  • William

    Can you make a .exe file download?

  • David Monkey

    I love this mudpack I think you should add clay soldiers and read minecraft come alive also PLEASE PLEAS PLEAS add mo creatures to it

  • bradley

    how to download>

  • bradley

    oops never mind

  • bradley

    but what if you don’t what to use server?

  • julie1234567

    it is wroking

  • Nicholas Miller

    i dont understand what to do…

  • bradley

    tutoriel vid plz

  • Shane

    i can not find the pack in launcher its only in servers

  • Myhappyself999


  • The ender creeper

    I downloaded the launcher and it won’t load please help

  • logan

    how do I download it?

  • Aubree King

    how do you download this mod

  • irsyadzaidanbilqisty

    Is there the Map Atlantic Craft? Cody, Joe, Please Make The Map

  • hobo873

    does it work for xbox360

  • max matovich

    hey im new any cool packs i should check out??

  • Adriana Monzon

    how do you install this

  • Adriana Monzon

    i love jarassic craft videos that atlantic craft made

  • Adriana Monzon

    how do you install the jarassic craft

    • Mattias Teunis

      download the void launcher

  • ashley

    how do you install jurassic craft

  • cmoney

    i dont know how

  • luka


  • simon dluhoš

    How do you instal jurassic craft Pls tell im new

    • Mattias Teunis

      install the void launcher

  • Wild Horse
  • macy lucas

    omg you guys are amzing

  • Bareq Aziz


  • Pixellaur .

    Can you guys fix the problem with malisis core. This doesn’t happen to me but I know tons of other people are having issues with it including my sister. I’ve found the only solution would be remove the core along with the malisis doors mod. This is a bit inconvenient and saddening because malisis doors is truly a great mod and I love playing it but if it prevents me from playing with my little sister than well… That just sucks.

  • Steven_Ryder25

    MyJurassic Craft is not loading up. It finish downloading everything but then it won’t load up Minecraft.

  • rachel


  • Christian

    can you make a tutorial how to instal this on mac??

  • Johan Marklund

    is it a server in jurasic craft

  • Glendroff Cheslit Pasilan

    how to to login to it

  • luke

    how do I get the voidlancher

  • Koala

    Is this mod 1.7.10?

  • ubaydisturbo

    same my minecarft wait not loed up and crazy craft it dos not load up how it does it for cody and joebuz

  • godzillakiller

    how do you download it

  • Muhammad Bilal

    do we need minecraft for this

  • emily

    i can get to step 3 but then i get lost

  • emily

    i need help

  • Ghost Python

    I think cody is much better than joe because he amazing

    • RealSharp

      Don’t pick Fav’s.

  • GodRed6996

    You people are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared Cudney


  • Jared Cudney

    anyone on?

  • Jared Cudney

    can someone help me?

  • Eisik Borten

    can you just put the map

  • peleg

    i nedd help

  • Hummingbird2021

    I need help! I love this modpack and I tried to install Jurassic Craft and Crusader Craft, but it gave me an error message saying that I can’t play! Any tips on how to get it to work?

  • Vĩ Tuấn

    What version of this Jurassic craft?

  • Vĩ Tuấn

    guys i need help
    what version of this jurassic craft

  • Slenderwoman

    What version do you play on? I have no idea… HELP ME!!!!!

  • smgc


  • Clinton Bradley

    Guys im new to all this,my youngest son is wanting to download jurassicraft to his ps3 and hasnt been able to and is now asking for my help.can someone give me a list of steps on how to do this.thanks.

    • Beater43

      If you have that list can you please send it to me please thank you very much

    • ShootEmUpGamer

      Sorry but you can only do it on a computer

  • Sammy Hecker

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  • brennan “xXILoveCatsXx” lechne

    I installed the file, now how do I open the game?

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