Jurassic Craft Update! (Bug Fixes & More!)

Jurassic Craft Update!

Hey guys we finished up an update for Jurassic Craft. This has some small tweaks and will be adding tropic craft back! This is an awesome update with tropic craft finally making its appearance to 1.7.10! We are very greatful with all the support with the relaunch we are currently working on some big projects more news on those soon! This isn’t a version change in the modpack so it is still 1.0

Jurassic Craft Overview

Jurassic Craft 2.0 has been getting some great feedback from the community and we are very happy with how it came out. We are always looking to improve our content and we love your feedback. If you guys do have persisting issues after this update please notify our support by making a support ticket so it can be patched. We expect to release this update tomorrow you will be notified on the forums and the atlantic craft twitter.

Jurassic Craft Server

We have plans to work on a server however it will be a time before we have it finished. We currently have all the maps and plugins however the team needs to be able to focus on it and that will take a bit of time before we get our current projects off our plate.

Jurassic Craft Changes

This is an overview of the upcoming changes in todays update!
 Mods Added
– Tropicraft
Mods Removed
– remove weather (smp crashes)
– remove small boats (smp crashes)
Mods Updated
– update fossil (more dinos)
– update jurassic (smp fixes)
– update vehicle core
– update jurassic dirt bikes and more (smp fixes)

How to Update your Server Safely!

  1. Download latest jurassic craft server file right here http://vl4.voidswrath.com/release/JurassicCraft2.zip
  2. Go to your server either through multicraft/filezilla or your own computer and copy your “world” folder onto your desktop
  3. Go to your mods folder and drag all the new mods in the .zip you just downloaded
  4. Replace all the mods in the mods folder with the updated ones (if you added any mods yourself they wont be overwritten)
  5. Go to your servers configs folder and replace all the configs with the latest one
  6. Start your server see if there are errors if not you should be good to go
  7. If there are issues try to resolve them yourself or contact voidlauncher support on the forums and create a ticket with your servers console errors
  8. If you manage to fix it yourself use your backup you made which wont have block IDs missing if you did something wrong the first time
  9. Enjoy!

How to Update your Mod Pack Client Safely!

  1. Simply go to the launcher make you have the latest launcher download redownload if your not sure here http://test.voidswrath.com/voidlauncher/
  2. Hit play and if there is any issues hit reinstall it will not remove any save folders if you have the latest launcher download
  3. Enjoy!
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  • Gundosa

    cody my voidlauncher only has crazycraft and crazycraft 2 is it an glitch?

  • Gundosa

    nvm i fixed it xD love u and the chunky monkry Joe the chicken

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        The atlnticCraft is so cool

      • rylan

        I can’t get a Jurassic craft server

  • justin

    cody some reson my jurasic craft and voids wrath is just doing normal minecraft and I does not have the back round and none of the mod

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      Do you have the launcher installed and are you select the dream craft modpack

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    cody the made pack dose not let me play crazy craft

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    I love This stuff
    It’s SOO much fun!

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  • Leo Diaz

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    It does not work I download only 27 MB and there is not discharged well and what happens?

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    how can you make the jurassic park vehicles mod for 1.7.10 plz tell me i want to know my subscribers have bin begging me to add them in since i started playing my jurassic park play threw

  • Reed Boucher

    PLEASE TEEL ME KNOW AT: [email protected] thaks

  • Reed Boucher

    ya know what no awnser me here


    how do I play the mod

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    Im making a server guys, if anyone’s willing to play online

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      I will try if you tell me how to get it on mc

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      can i be an admin?

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      what is the server called i would like to play on it

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    how do you download the mod

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  • Captin-Weird

    Cody ( Joe is fine too ) can you tell me how to get the mod pack on minecraft

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    i will play with eddgotti

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    My Voidswrath keeps crashing it loads and when it’s about to start it crashes

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    I’m on a Mac if it helps

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    hey Atlantic craft or Cody, Joe what is your Jurassic craft server i.p. please answer me so i could play with you guys.

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    ya me to and i saw the latest vid r u sure u guys arnet pulling a trick on us with this WyattMario or whatever his name is?

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    Some one tell me how to install this into your minecraft?

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    Hey Cody, are you and Joe going to do more maze challenges?

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    How can I play the Jurassic Craft on an IPad

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      You can’t play their Jurassic Craft but you can get some dinosaur mods

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  • WinterTheFox 63

    IM BEST FOX and I love this

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    Hi Cody and Joe will the JurassicCraft server work on other JurassicCraft modpacks on the Technic platform. Plzzzz respond plz! And could you a 1v1v1 clay soilders war thanks bye :)

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