“The Herobrine” Minecraft Parody!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new Voids Wrath website!! I’m sure most of you have already listened to this amazing new parody of Eminem and Rihannas monster; called “The Herobrine” by the Atlantic Craft by now… But for those of you who live under a rock here it is!! Cant believe how well it came out. Lets send some love their way, tell them the Voids Wrath team sent you!!

Limited Time Herobrine Merchandise!

If you guys didn’t see we have 2 awesome Limited Edition Products for The Herobrine parody over on our brand new T-Shirt Line! These Shirts and Posters won’t be sold long so be sure to get it before its sold out! 




  • blue

    toats cool

  • blue

    man ur the best just as good as Popularmmos and Gaming with Jen

  • alyssa916


  • Nada_QTR2003

    wow your so good 😀

  • matijapcgames

    skin je dobar

  • MagicMan1207

    Great job on the parody

  • Deadpoolthe_best

    song stuck in head

  • Danijel

    Great Song 😀

  • ‫עמית ”‪the minecrafter‬‏“ רז‬

    great job this is my favorite parody

  • tH_real_white

    the t-shirts in the spottlight looks amzing

    • tH_real_white

      as well as the poster

  • Haxsaw313

    Can You Guys Make A Mod Where You Play As Herobrine And Get To Control Mobs LIke This

  • malook


  • fatih


  • fatih

    I want Crazy Craft

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