Crazy Craft 2.2

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The CrazyCraft Mod pack is a mod pack based around, you guessed it! CRAZINESS! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft like you’ve never seen it. There are various new Mobs, structures, weapons, the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the pack until you play it yourself. The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in the world of Dr Zeus, it’s completely bonkers, one minute you could be killing a cow, then you’ll morph in to a cow, then a Kraken could possibly spawn above your head, you’ll have to ask your friend to shoot you away with his gravity gun just in time. No two people could have the same experience with this Pack. There are over 50 mods, all chosen for their bizarreness and completely random nature. But don’t be fooled, this mods fit perfectly together and have been calibrated for the most amazing playing experience!

  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Minecraft: 1.6.4
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • No. of Mods: 70



Mod Pack Completed

– No further updates to come mod pack is completed
– Mod Pack reverted to 2.0 since it is complete

Crazy Craft 2.1 to 2.2


– Updated Orespawn


– None


– None

Crazy Craft 2.0 to 2.1


– Updated Morph


– MapWriter


– Dimensional Doors
– Zans Minimap
– Hamsterrific
– Dragon Mounts

Crazy Craft Beta to 2.0


– Updated OreSpawn
– Updated Morph
– Updated Relocation


– Added Better Furnances
– Added Rogue Like Dungeons


– Spacecore
– Useful Pets
– VillageDensity

Included Mod List


Baby Animals
Biblio Craft
Little Blocks
Mine & Blade Battlegear 2
Luppii’s Ladders
Mutant Creatures
Archimedes Ships
Gravity Gun
Star Miner
More Health
Trading Mod
MrCrayFishs Furniture
Saints Dubstep Gun
Death Counter
Blood Magic
Better Furnances
Refined Relocation
Villager Density
Iron Chest
Lucky Block
Carpenters Block
Roguelike Dungeons
Biomes O Plenty
Infernal Mobs
Better Barrels
Special Mobs
Dynamic Transport
MC Helicopter
Secret Rooms Mod
Damage Indicators
Superheroes Unlimited
Cars and Drives
Crafting Pillars

  • Mutant Panda

    The Thing is Crazy craft isn’t working it only downloads 40 mods not 70
    so if you can help it will be great because ive been trying to get on crazycraft for round about a year now and it hasn’t been working

  • Ellza199

    Does it work on 1.8 and 1.8.1?

  • Bruce Wayne the batman

    I am on a mac and when I try to make the server it just opens text edit


      That happens to me to

  • Collin Duvernois

    My Crazy Craft won’t let me play


    Can you guys make a tutorial for mac users pls


      on how to make a server

    • Michael Walker


    • samone

      Yeah I have a mac book air wbu?


        i have a mac osx

  • aldrin

    i love this pack <3<3<3<3

  • Guest

    Tree biome

  • Wilbert Markerwin


  • Jaydan Mcgeachie

    how do i upload the mod onto minecraft ?

  • So024rty

    how to get minecraft crazy craft 2.2

  • Adezarim


  • zachkarg


  • robert

    how do I get to download crazy craft to minecraft

  • Vuk1231

    When i open crazy craft it just closes after 5 minutes i got 10 gb left of space help please?

    • VinjaraMV


  • Romeka

    how do you download it to your minecraft account

  • IronWolf Plays

    why is the download so big?

    • VinjaraMV


  • Tu_tu Playz

    I can’t open the java server? Help me pls

  • pikachu master

    how do I get morphing mod in crazy craft 2.2 1.6.4

    • little_late1

      kill the ender dragon its a new update i just found it coupe day ago you welcome

  • leo1164

    i got 30 gb left and i downloaded it but it wont say mods on minecaft plz help

  • Lee Kuanzi


  • Lee Kuanzi

    Download the server pack or launcher?

  • Alex Smith

    This modpack doesn’t work. You can’t craft the Blood Magic or Star Miner stuff, you can’t use the Dubstep guns, and it has an incredibly low framerate. 0/10 worst modpack.

  • Louis Lemos

    do i need to use the forege minecraft version?

  • bdenlaine


  • poop


  • AskIzzyGames

    It doesn’t work

  • adam

    please help when i play it and then leave the game when i go back on its not saved PLZ HELP

  • Bailey Willis

    everytime i load the void launcher and go on to crazy craft i go to advanced to check the mod and configs but they are not there help plz
    i tried to put them back into it from other folders but when i check again its not there still

  • Nick Chu

    its so laggy for me… and my computer is extremely strong :(

  • gavin

    I hope i coud have this my mom ses no so many times

  • Eason Goh

    crazy craft 2.0 is awesome

    • monking

      how do we install it

  • monking

    how do you get crazycraft

    • monking


      • Me

        download voidlauncher and run it

  • monking

    i hope this works doods

  • monking

    2mins left

  • stupidman

    how do you do this

  • stupidman

    how do you get crazy craft

    • Me

      download and install void launcher and run it


    this is sooo awesome. I get 2 do my own mini series. ITS JUST SOOO AWESOME. I recommend it 2 people wholike modded survival.

  • TheKaneBit

    Ohh, you must buy minecraft to start in voidswraths launcher. Iam from Russia, iam bad speak english

  • Ron Pierce

    I’m running a CrazyCraft2.2 server on Ubuntu and players are complaining that when they attempt to hold a backpack the backpack disappears. How can I troubleshoot this one?

  • blood dragan123

    i love it its dee best
    + det i just killd godzilla

    • Abby Rose Rini

      not legit though probally in creative XD

  • Darkness_Gamer16

    mobzilla vs the king

  • matt

    how do u get it?????

  • matt

    how do u get crazy craft 2.0

  • matt

    plez HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SSilva The Noob

    if i can download void launcer for 1.8???? please help me

  • Liam Nicolson

    I cant donload

  • toby

    thx great sight downloaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Marin Vinčić

    So much noobs here

    • VinjaraMV

      ur right

  • Kyle Willig

    it wont let me launch it

  • Kyle Willig

    plz help

  • little_late1

    im not getting the the queen please help

  • FunnyBear

    i can play multiplayer that suks

  • Chento Marron

    Hi Do you know The Altanticcraft

  • Chento Marron

    I love CRAZY CRAFT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin

    I am completely ignorant to mine craft and crazy craft. Please help. I just downloaded minecraft for PC now I want to get crazy craft. what are the steps I need to do this. do I need to get the void launcher as well? Thanks for any info. This is for my son for his birthday today :)

    • Damascuquiz

      Ayt so click the download launcher up above, ryt? Then go ahead and open (or install the launcher, can’t remember) then male your way over to modpacks and scroll down till you find crazy craft 2.2. Press install and there you have it!
      Btw I happy birthday to your son!

      • Erin

        Thank you! I finally got it.

  • Sir Helmswort

    Crazy Craft 3.0 Hype

  • don8life

    My son has Minecraft 1.8. He has high functioning autism and has been talking about crazy craft and I’m completely clueless!!! I see that this says it works with Minecraft 1.6.4, so do I need to do something in order to make it work with my son’s version? Yup, I am completely clueless. I use to be able to write HTML from scratch, but I think my brain has lost most of his functionality over the years. Any suggestions would be wonderful, especially step by step instructions!

    • Bailey

      Ok so I just did this so ill tell you how to get it to 1.6.4.
      What you will need to do is go to your Mc launcher and In the top left hand corner click: Profile Editor, Then underneath “Version” Double click the numbers and then click the down bar by “Use Version” and scroll down until you find 1.6.4 then click “Save profile” then it will close, but just open it back up and click play and it will download that version and then it will be ready to play =) I hope that help I know I didn’t explain it that well but I hope it still helped

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      hit play free now on the top of the website and download our launcher make sure you have the correct java and if you have any issues we have a 24/7 support ticket system on our forums

      • dylan

        when I hit play on void launcher it comes up with the download icon then void launcher minermise its self and minecraft dose not come up
        please help

    • Heath Baxter

      Download the launcher> Open launcher>type your minecraft info in the bottom left> Go to modpacks> Select your modpack and hit launch.(Your Modpack will install upon first launch). And continue to do this everytime you want to play CrazyCraft. PS: This will not effect your retail minecraft.

  • 蓋亞


  • jack

    how do you login to the mod launcher because i can make a world with crazy craft

  • SugaryMuffin

    This is just a awesome mod pack

  • Thomas Trang

    I have a problem, when i try to start up a single player world it loads forever and then it crashes.

    • Me

      add more ram to minecraft, this will also make you have less lagg

      • Jayden Monti

        how do u do that?

  • abraida manuel

    i need Username and possword tell me all gus

  • abraida manuel

    play minecraft 1.5.2 join server

  • Qasim Hamid

    i need help with voidswrath.there is no log in button

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      select a modpack and hit “play”

  • Qasim Hamid

    please reply

  • Reddiamond2252

    this luncher is so cool

  • TheAtlanticCraft

    Any issues you are having please go to your support forums so people can help you!

    • Dominic Falk

      Great Crazy craft series i loved it

    • eonette


      • awesomegaming120

        the password is the one you use for minecraft and the user name also

      • Cheeky637

        sorry can’t help i dont even no how to download it!!

      • fireplanetstudios

        its you minecraft password

      • royce

        download the lancher in go to your folder it going in click it then it say download java and load it and it will open crazy craft

    • TheBizzareGamer

      is the new crazycraft 3.0 going to be on 1.7.10???

    • Alduin45k

      when I download the voidslauncher it said I need a java run

  • Erica Cherry

    It’s Atlantic Craft!

  • Alex

    do we need forge for this? or those this do it automatically

  • Mathias

    how to morph?? i dont know :(

    • Me

      use [ and ]

    • Logan Sarny-Scotney

      I know to morph

  • Logan Sarny-Scotney

    I can`t download viodswrath!

    • L-kins

      Me either!!

  • Logan Sarny-Scotney

    I know how to morph

    • Alex Moore


  • LegulusPvP

    Cody what server did u in ur vidois in crazycraft2.0

  • Snakezero

    I couldn’t launch the minecraft after inputing the crazy craft mod pack

  • wilson G

    This is awesome , but where do you get stuff in the survival server?

  • AbenDude Scizor

    Can you add aether 2 mod and dbc mod?

  • A Person

    Can you add thaumcraft, and a few thaumcraft addons in crazycraft?

  • Chief 20

    Could you add dimensional doors please

  • NoahTheAlien

    Okay this is awesome but does it download to old Macs? I have a REALLY old Mac and I’m not sure if it will download….. :(]

    • terrarialover

      yes it does but not on old ones

      • NoahTheAlien


  • L-kins

    It won’t let me download it.

  • Vinny Ambrose

    Sooo many nooooobs

  • Al Leonardis

    My computer is too bad for any of these modpacks except the first one you guys made and the pixelmon one T_T

  • terrarialover

    won’t let me get to crazy craft and it says update everytime i go in.

  • blobby

    how to set up server on mac??

  • david


  • crazy name


  • Hockey Hero01 (Hockeyhero01)

    I click on: play and all the mods load and after that nothing happens, minecraft doesnt open! please help


      WHAT THE

    • Nader MC


  • J-ordon PlaysGames

    If anyone is having problems with lag check out this tutorial that I made it could help quite a bit!

  • ExtremeFarm

    My son and his friend found out about the CrazyCraft Mod pack but I’m a bit new to mod packs (have set up a spigot server though) so need some help.

    What username and password is needed on the Voids Wrath launcher (at the bottom left)? Is this a player’s Mojang/Minecraft login or is this a Voids Wrath username and password… if it is a Voids Wrath login… where do I create one?

    Thanks and sorry for the n00b question.

    • Jason The Angel of Death (Nghi

      it’s your minecraft username and password

      • Larzi

        It doenst work with me, either….

        • MrTomahawk2100

          use your email not your username

        • Nour Bashour

          me either

    • Shiny_Player

      You need to write your email in the first spot and in the next spot your password for Minecraft when you was making your Mojang account.

  • stupidman

    how do you do this

  • MarbleCat

    PLZ ADD THE FNAF MOD U GUYS MADE (seriously the fnaf mod was crazy)

  • Karl Andrei Crelencia

    login to VKarlStar123 :(

  • AK_Forze

    when i write my mc account, this is not changing the steve skin and tells me to connect to my account in and when i am conecting, it does nothing…. what shall i do?

    • Mark

      same here

  • retroparty


  • Joshua Burkett

    Does anyone have any insight on a server for CrazyCraft 2.2 that can use Bukkit plugins? Perhaps a guide or a copy of your server folder that has working plugins?

  • Somerandomguy

    Can you add AE please?

  • allie

    how do i get on crazy craft

    • Shiny_Player

      1.step- download the lancher
      2.step- login leftdown with your email and password
      3.step- go to modpacks, then to crazycraft and click REINSTALL
      4.step- wait and then play –

      • Jugaad Ugra

        How do you play it i have Windows home basic and it dosent work!

        • Shiny_Player

          ehm sorry i have Windows 8, so i dont curently now the answer.

      • Catdogfishbird of Knowlege

        Thank you so much!

      • farhan

        when i download something called winzip is coming
        is the file zipped

  • DeeZ NutZ

    How Do i Put them On My MineCraft?

  • matthew

    ok so I got everything and I try to join crazycraft and it won’t let me join in the game

  • matthew

    and theatlanticcraft can you please tell me

  • smngbtb l

    i tried both minecraft and voids accounts and neither work on launcher.. what should i do?

    Ps: how do i send a support ticket to voids support?

  • Jenny


  • Jacob

    how do i get lollipops

  • Jacob

    how do i change the config for crafting items on my server? like unban backpacks, it says they are not banned but they are

  • Freddy Deleon

    Did u remove the rival rebels mod? If so why?

  • spasjordan

    How Do I Play Crazy Craft
    It Wont Download The Mod Pack
    Ive Done All The Requirements

  • karet

    Um, guys. I got Crazy Craft 2.2, put all of the mods in my mods folder but then i get instantly it shows my game output

  • Jugaad Ugra

    How do you play it i have Windows home basic and it dosent work

  • Catdogfishbird of Knowlege

    ummmmm i’m having problems with downloading crazycraft it gave me the server instead. YES i’m sure i was on modpacks, not servers. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Velasquez

    Everytime I try to load my world or a sever my game closes and takes me back to the launcher plz help

  • MineGhostMC

    how to make a crazy craft server?

  • p0w3r3d

    TheAtlanticCraft i’ve been waiting for the map of Crazy Craft 2.2 for ages, plss release it.

  • nathan

    my void launcher wont load up!
    i played it all day yesterday and it wont work today! :(

  • DestinyGamin

    so im in the public server and by any chance is there a way to check out the blacklist? in meaning as in the items that are banned in the survival server.

  • Shiny_Player

    Hey guys !I love crazycraft, BUT! i now there is for example Lachlan that is playing at voidlauncher and! he is playing version 2.O, there is a mod that gives a enchanting table,(that i want to try) and more other staff. But the main thing is that i want to change the version to 2.O but i dont know how, if you know then please write it me to chat , thanks S.

    • Shiny_Player

      I mean the other enchanting table then the basic 😛

    • XxBraydenCraftxX

      there is a version you have to install to get 2.0 uninstall the launcher than reinstall it. hopefully i helped.

  • Ethan

    should I download the server pack or the launcher. I tried the launcher and it popped up with the voids wrath screen and then quit the program.

    • saffie

      do both to be sure

    • Skeleton Guy

      Well the server pack just installs the zip containing the sets to set your OWN (modpack) server (i think :P) and the launcher just launches it itself

    • FoxyThePirateFox

      The Launcher

    • Badr

      me too someone help

  • Ethan

    i have a mac by the way

  • Boz

    it took me like half an hour trying to find out how to login (THANK YOU SO MUCH SHINY_PLAYER)

  • Michelle Hernandez

    Does it not work for Mac? I tried the cross platform launcher and it wouldn’t open.

  • fynn

    does it wok on mac ?

  • fynn

    mine is not working i have a mac

  • deathgun

    that version is this mod

  • kareem hanif


  • XxTheFreeLifexX

    i have a question

  • XxTheFreeLifexX

    does it cost money to get a server

  • Dragon Gamers

    atlantic craft big fan check out DragonGamers and pls subscribe

  • thug

    is this a virus

  • thug

    will i get a virus if i download crazycraft????

    • Zack Hampson

      No, you shouldn’t. Why would you?

  • Jacob Sanchez

    we love u atlantic craft

  • GREKU1

    Can u guys remove kicking from server for moving too fast?When i fightning with king,mobzilla using wolverine boots i geting kicked and cant kill it.Why backpack’s is baned? P.S And after 5-8 minutes all players got switching from crazy craft 1 to crazy craft 2.

  • loltron7000

    can you do this on a mac?

    • Apple61752

      yes it works as good as windows1:)

  • David

    It is not letting me mine I can only mine with the right tool for example pic axe stone shovel dirt and so on but its not letting me mine ancient dried mobs so can someone tell me how to mine because I used to be able to before but I think I changed something

  • davis

    I have no idea what I should do.What Ethan said what should I get the luancher or the server pack.I just am lost.If you get this message please respond back

  • xXayoXx123

    it keeps on crashing

  • john s

    Can u play crazy craft on a tablet

    • AbenDude Slizor II


  • josh

    im having problems with the morph mod whenever i kill something i always change in to it is there a way i can turn it off

  • plasma0king

    i don`t have a premuim account i am so sad guys i tried my best it`s sale and it`s super cheap guys come on i connat join or play offline becuase people are having issue becuase they connot join the server
    come on guys plz make them for free

    • Zack Hampson

      They do not own minecraft. They do not have a price set on this modpack or others. You’ll need to buy a premium and secure minecraft account in order to play.

  • Rashaknaw

    Dude is there an area where i can go to download the modpack Manually

  • Rhys Smithowen

    do u need a minecraft account

    • Zack Hampson

      Are you really asking this?

  • Noah

    I cant open the launcher i hav mac btw.

  • pedro

    it’s segure ?

  • pedro

    segire install ?

  • Kaneboss121


  • TDog Isbest

    i cant login to my mc account some1 plz help

    • Zack Hampson

      you need to use the email associated with your Mojang account.

    • Gecko Kid

      i cant either! D:

    • Mark

      I have tried to sign into the right account and i have also tried to reset my password and wait over and over> HELP!

      • Cindy Del Castillo Elmidulan

        Download 1.8.9 forge to work

  • sidney

    well every video i see it has the same website and no picture for into its sea not tower

  • Bra

    Can you download it on iPad

  • Bra

    Can it be downloaded on iPad

    • Zack Hampson

      No. You need a premium account for PC/Mac/Other compooper in order to play.

  • Auron Perry

    There’s ID conflicts in the modpack. All I added was Legacy Java Fixer to run mods. PAck 2.2

  • Auron Perry

    ID conflicts were

    975: IronChest from IronChest – Unlimited:clothblack from mod_Unlimited
    1000: SoulCage from SSR – Unlimited:lstone from mod_Unlimited
    Suggested Ranges: 3522-4061 (540 IDs), 1570-1919 (350 IDs), 1282-1539 (258 IDs)

    What do I do?

  • Ratchet404

    I really need some help guys how do you find the pooh when you start

  • Shiny_Player

    █░░░ ▀█▀ ▒█░▄▀ ▒█▀▀▀   ░█▀▀█   ▒█▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀█ ▒█▀▀▀ ▒█▀▀▀
    ▒█░░░ ▒█░ ▒█▀▄░ ▒█▀▀▀   ▒█▄▄█   ▒█▀▀▄ ▒█░░▒█ ░▀▀▀▄ ░▀▀▀▄
    ▒█▄▄█ ▄█▄ ▒█░▒█ ▒█▄▄▄   ▒█░▒█   ▒█▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▄█ ▒█▄▄▄█▒█▄▄▄█

  • allen

    do you need forge

    • Zack Hampson

      Everything you need comes preinstalled. This is another instance of minecraft, as it in no way affects your vanila minecraft in any way.

  • XXkillerXX

    I don’t want to download crazy craft but which mod adds conveyor belts

  • rapidcar2

    which do I chose lancher or server pack
    im confused help

    • David Norrman


      • Nour Bashour

        I downloaded LAUNCHER it didn’t work
        Too bad

  • rapidcar2

    which oneeeeee

  • spyroX

    can you guys add optifine?

  • Patruck

    how to download ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Ender_Dragon

    I can only go on a modpack once a day but to day I cant go on so im wondering if you can fix that please

  • Chicken Man

    I M LOVIN CRAZY CRAFT But i cant post On forums atlantic and i have a major problem everytime i look into a chest or inventory it keeps saying the darkness listens.

  • rapidcar2

    I would get an anti-virus before downloading anything

    • Slurp

      >getting an antivirus for trusted downloads

  • rapidcar2 the launcher 2. enter your minecraft username and password 3.go back to modpacks and press reinstall 4.wait then have fun and play like a crazy person :)

    • SamanM

      but the screen with the login in the corner doesnt come up, its the octopus thing and then it shuts down

      • SnowleopardXD

        start as administrator

  • rapidcar2

    also you should get the launcher Ethan

  • David Norrman

    Hi everyone im having a issue from the launcher and i want to play some crazy craft but when i click play or reinstall then it says bad request and ask if i want to play offline and then when i click yes or no it comes up with a thing that says buy minecraft first but i have checked my password many times and my username

  • nikita

    crazy Craft is nice to play but it so much lag

  • Isabelle Danker

    what do u mean by login left down? I’m so confused can u give more specific instructions pls

  • Christopher Mckay

    hey cody can u and joebuzz make a season 2 of dreamcraft plz

  • N.F

    When I run the launcher it installs into my %appdata% directory. I have everything else in Minecraft installed on a network location so we can move between machines. I cannot find any options in the launcher to change the install location. There is the general settings option that allows me to define where the voidswrath stuff is installed but the standard Minecraft directory with all the saves still goes to the %appdata% location. I’ve tried the forums but can’t find anything and even after registering it won’t let me post there. Does anyone know how to get the launcher to install everything in a directory of my choosing?

    If it’s not possible, the second option I’ve come up with is to manually install CrazyCraft and run it from the standard Minecraft launcher using a profile. I’ve tried to see if I could find info on how to do that but have also come up empty. If anyone can point me to instructions for a manual install and configuration that would work just as well.


    • royce

      n.f you go to mojang in make a account then go in make your own server then it will work ok.

  • josh

    does this mod slow down your computer

  • Shreya Kodali

    2.2? How come nobody used this for vids/

  • CoolMinecraftGuy

    How do you get a Modpack? I know how to download mods but idk how to get Modpacks. Ty

  • CoolMinecraftGuy

    Also what mc version is this for?

  • CoolMinecraftGuy

    Srry for spamming but what mods are in this?

  • Lauren

    Hi. I’ve been trying to get Crazy Craft for a while, and there isn’t a 1.8 version. Please make a 1.8 version. Thank you!

  • jack

    the launcher is not working why?

  • Seamus

    i have a problem i downloaded the launchr its in my hotbar and when i click on it nothing happens?how do i open it?

  • awdsasd

    can i download it without the launcher

  • Hayden

    i love the crazy craft series

  • Raz_73

    In the start my crazy craft didnt opend because I didnt upgrated my java to the newest version.and when I upgrated my crazy craft server didnt worked but my crazy craft worked,

  • CoolMinecraftGuy

    Does my account on this Link to my voids wrath account?

  • john

    crazy craft 3.0 is up for beta sign ups and testing

  • john

    i use crazy craft 2.2 right now but i wanna sign up for crazy craft 3.0 beta testing

  • john

    and go to the atlantic craft youtube channel to see them do carzy carft 3.0!

  • MarkusAndre05

    i cant download it

  • tj2602

    for some reason i cant join the multiplier server but my brother can and congrats for crazy craft 3

  • tj2602

    every single time i ried to join the public server it would say unknown server please help me

  • zein bashour

    I tried downloading the launcher but once I put my username and password and pressed REINSTALL, I got a login failure. I also downloaded the server pack but it still didn’t work. What should I do now to be able to play?

    • Nour Bashour

      That is what happend to me

    • Mikuláš Škorpil

      try to put instead of your username your e-mail adress. It worked with me.

    • royce

      zein bashour you need your own server

  • Nour Bashour

    PLS HELP! I donloaded the launcher and put my username and password but when I put REINSTALL it didn’t work! Can someone help pls?

  • Nour Bashour

    What can I do

  • Nour Bashour

    Who knows?
    Plz awnser

  • Nour Bashour

    I am a fan so anyone is willing to help

  • Nour Bashour

    WHO WANTS TO HELP plz awnser

  • Nour Bashour

    I am going NUTZ without CRAZY CRAFT!
    plz help or I WILL GO PEANUTS!

  • Nour Bashour


  • Shadow_hawk

    is this the latest version? 1.6.4? or is it available for 1.7.10?

    • john

      1.6.4 is crazy craft 2.2 but crazy craft 3.0 is 1.7.10

  • Brodyv12

    I play the official public server for crazy craft and i think it is down or crashed

  • ivey2005

    how do i install the server pack?

  • eonette


  • eonette


  • Brenden

    Hi I’m new and can you Donlowde this on tablet

  • killercroc2005

    if i try to download the launcher it doesnt work

  • Danny

    How can you guys download it?

  • Danny

    I hope if there is no gliches in Crazy Craft for minecraft.

  • jhaymark alvarez

    crazycraft is cool

  • Max

    hi guys i downlaoding crazy craft

  • Max

    guys i have mine craft but its not that fun

  • Kirsten

    I can’t even figure out how to log in! How do I log in? I typed my username and password in but there’s no “Login” button anywhere! Do I just keep it there?

    • Kirsten

      Neeevermind. I figured it all out…I think. I’m reinstalling CrazyCraft now so yeah! :)

  • Kirsten

    I reinstalled CrazyCraft but now whenever I click on Play it just goes to downloading modpack and doesn’t do anything. The blue stuff just glitches everywhere

  • Kirsten

    When I get to the screen to either join online server single player or multiplayer no matter which one i pick it doesn’t work

  • Masimus178

    I’ve tried to add more ram to my server but it wont work, i have a mac and I’ve watched videos but it’s not really working it keeps staying at half a gigabite, please help

  • kyla-star

    I don’t understand how to get on it can anyone help me!?

  • Henry

    POO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!POOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IDIOTIKPIG BIG FAT BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • madison

    HELP me my account is not working and I got I today ! HELP !

  • Ambrora

    guys i have 1 problem i cant transform in the morph example: (i kill a bat i become a bat and i switch it back to human from and when i wana become a bat again i cant) can i get some help?

  • Jaxin365

    i dont know if it works man

  • Jaxin365

    it wont work for me

  • john

    my dad

  • john


  • john


  • Little G

    hi guys im having some server joining issues each time i try to join it comes up with failed to login and a lot of other writing what do i do!?!?!?!!?!?!

  • Henry

    This website is a big fat BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU IDIOTS

  • bigkiller greatkillah

    the morph mod does not allow me to morph.i press the button and it is only a round thing
    but there is only my guy plzzzzzz helppppppp

  • Mikuláš Škorpil

    Do I need to have the modpack downloaded before launching it?

    • Mikuláš Škorpil

      when I click play or reinstall a bar flashes in the top part of launcher and then nothing. I AM singed in

  • John

    You’re my favorite

  • Ashdubh

    Crazy craft2.2

  • Ashdubh

    How do I download crazy craft 2.2

  • Josh Townsend

    How do you make a private server after the update?

  • Harold Gladney

    TheAtlanticCraft, my game is being weird like every time i left click it comes up with “the darkness listens….'”
    and every time i click nevermind it comes up again and again and again its getting me mad.
    So please fix that. P.S. cant wait fow crazy craft 3.0.

  • john

    help me!

  • The Two Super Girlys

    I’m trying to download Crazy Craft on my Mac an when I opened up the installer it said there was an update and I tried with and without an update but whenever I clicked on the modpack tab not a single modpack would pop up. HELP MEEEEEEEE.

  • iMrkoko

    I Have Problem I Cant Login And Play

  • Puppies9

    what do u do if u don’t know your minecraft password

  • panagiotatoussis

    hau do ai get the ip for this server?

  • esam



  • esam


    • esam


    • esam


  • Marcus

    i downloaded the launcher on my macbook pro and all it does when i open it it does nothing
    what do i need to do

  • Lucas Lee

    My computer is in caps and it doesn’t work no matter what i do I’ve taken everybody’s advice and it doesn’t work.

  • Misspinkie Cat


  • vadin

    the download is not working

  • Aperture Legos

    it would login in the lancher

  • wwelover96

    it won’t work

  • xavier


  • dawsen

    haw do you dawsn lowd it

  • dawsen

    haw do you dawn lode it

  • theskorny6

    god game (Crazy Craft)

  • Purrloine

    i dont know how to get on it even if i try it wont work

  • gavin reed

    Why no mods for 1.8

  • fredd

    i like crazy craft

  • מה זה הקובץ הזה?

    אני לא מצליחה להוריד,
    מי יכול לעזור לי דרך הצ’אט?


    תקראו לי 11

  • מה זה הקובץ הזה?

    who can sand me a link to download “crazy craft”?

  • מה זה הקובץ הזה?


  • isho

    I can’t download it

  • justin

    do u buy it

  • tariyq

    how to dowload crazy craft

  • isaiah

    for some reson i cant login

  • isaiah

    can some one tell me whats wrong

  • angel ocasio

    how do you download this thing.

  • daniel


  • Robbie Jordan

    how do i set my home?

  • yammymash

    wow cool

  • yammymash

    hey AtanticCraft i love your chanle

  • captain mayo

    how do i start it i downloaded it but its just in my folder

  • ruby

    can I have a multiplayer server ip for crazy craft 2.2 please

  • joey

    my mods do not wrek

  • tmoney

    I’m new and i just hit download server pack after that do i just go into the server then i have it or whats the deal?

  • Fox Tail


  • Darren Stanley

    Will this work with Windows 10 version.

    • Slurp

      more than likely

  • eonette


  • Chritopher Peters

    when i try running the crazy craft 2.2 it comes up with a message by java “missing server JVM@ `C:ProgamFiles(x86)JavaJRE1.8.0_51binserverjvm.dll”
    what do i do??

    • Alex Parker

      the same happens to me! please help

      • Alex Parker

        i figured it out! you download the server pack then put it in your folder called java (look in resource pack folder, go out 1 to minecraft, go out 1 to roaming)

      • Slurp

        you have to repair/redownload the jvm server (jvm.dll)

        • Alex Parker

          how do i do that?

          • royce

            alex parker download the lancher and java and it will work

      • UltimusNexus

        You just need to download java 8 :) That is 64 bit.



  • haley

    The login isn’t working for me. I have used my email and my minecraft username, I know for a fact that my password is correct because I have reset it twice, someone please help.

  • Vinne329 James

    how do you login to your mc account

  • domagojvrbanja

    dis is the best crazy craft

  • Taylor Skye

    Ok im new and I was wondering how to actually download crazy craft!?

    • Slurp

      you download the modpack..

  • Juan Panduro

    joe how do i install the java i dont know how im confussed can you send me a link i really really wanna play crazy craft 2,2 pleas also biggest fan also fan of your work

  • George

    I cant log into voidswrath in the launcher? This is happening to my friend as well. Play help.

  • Billy Bouzoukis

    how i get this mod i clicked on server pack and it comes up with this massive file of assets hats and stuff what i do now?

  • Cat

    I tried to download it and it shows up at the bottom like in a gray box i opened it and it went to my files and idk what to do plz help me download crazy craft its crazy craft 2.0

  • Aubree King

    how do I get the server pack

  • hyliankid

    I’ve gotten through everything else, but when I try to play, it give a “JRE or JDK” error message

  • trey

    awsome i got the big bertha

  • Kevin Lionardo

    why i cant run the launcher???

  • Venessa Weber

    Would thaumcraft work with this modpack?

  • shadow gamer minecraft and mor

    I cant go on carzycraft 2.2.0 when I want to load my world it just crashes so I cant play at all and crazycraft 3.0.1 is the same I cant load my world because it will crash



  • Cindy Dement

    Why can I not fly?

  • hayedn

    i’m mite join

  • vanessa

    how do i dallowd

  • Rys

    how do i downlode

  • Unlimited_Nightmare

    Got the launcher and it worked perfectly. Got the pack and it worked perfectly. Ethan this sucks on Macbook

  • Alexandria Benson

    I downloaded the launcher and reinstalled crazy craft, but as soon as the crazy craft screen was on, it instantly quit? Help me please!

  • Diamond Crazy

    does iballisticsquid use this

  • tillyrose

    how do you get crazy

  • DJTR3x Minecraft

    hctfyuhgttghyug guigftyuikf

  • DragonBoy03

    how do i play it??? it looks so fun!!!

  • king of crazy

    this is an horrible website the game took 5 hours to download and then just when the terrain was loading it shut down my computer. fix plz
    p.s love your channel and everything you guys do, the parody was amazing. thnks.

  • bob

    do cody and joe own the voids wrath

  • Jay Sanchez

    how do u dounload it ????? wich one

  • Jordan Knight

    does this work if you dont have minecraft

  • naruto

    hi atlantic craft i like play crazy craft but i can’t do

  • Juli

    keeps lagging and crashing

  • yousefjallad

    what do I press download server pack? or lancher

  • Summer

    omg I cant download it me and my dad tried and if he cant figure it out I don’t know who can?!

  • Ayub


  • Florent

    Hey can i play without log in ?

  • ian

    hi cody how do u get atlantic craft on the computer for free and how to hook up to ur server for free thanks i hope yoy can help – ian

  • crafty

    is there a launcher for mac please help me

  • Billy Bouzoukis

    hey, atlanticcraft can you help me with auto morphing I kill a mob and turn into it straight away. Is there a way to turn auto morph off?

  • game

    i login in now but is can t why not this voidswrath i can download voidswrath onther voidswrath that download

  • game

  • game

    1.step- download the lancher
    2.step- login leftdown with your email and password
    3.step- go to modpacks, then to crazycraft and click REINSTALL
    4.step- wait and then

  • Timothy Chu

    my issue is the premium account i don’t need some servers and i only need sigle player(i hate this mod and


  • Timothy Chu

    its single* sorrryyyy atlantic dum craft

  • Timothy Chu

    I TRULY HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JClose

    I have his problem when I try to play Crazy Craft 2.2: Java Virtual Machine Launcher says:
    Error: Could not create the java virtual machine.
    Error: A fatal exception has occured.The program will exit.

  • alex marmol


  • Finley Ginger

    hello what do i do if i download the server pack is that just the mod pack if so how do i play it?

  • Vinicios Matheus


  • HowlingCapeGamin

    I have downloaded it but how do I play it?

  • yusuf

    yeter lan birazda türk olun

  • Patrick

    how do you do this

  • blake

    it works for me
    maybe its because I have the best computer in the world

  • RockaHero XL

    VoidLauncher wont open please help me I need to do a series on this

  • Alduin45k

    how do you download dreamcraft

  • Alpha Trainer

    i cant log into voids wrath can u just put the mod pack that i can put in my mods folder?

  • Xaeviean

    How do i make an acc to download

  • Dipper Pines

    How do i create an account?

  • gummy

    how can you change into the animals you kill

  • Bro Y U DO DIS

    It Says Could Not Download The Java Virtual Machine The Program Will Now Close

  • Jaymon

    omg how do you do this!!!

  • Jaymon

    when i download and open the download when its finished it does nothing please help

  • Ben Ayers

    no fair i cant login

  • Kazama09

    uhh sad :( i hope i have premium minecraft account

  • iDerpyRainbow


  • iDerpyRainbow

    Hi Cody and Joe

  • iDerpyRainbow


  • iDerpyRainbow

    How do i delete
    it lags alot

  • emilia

    it doesnt work :( i installed it, pressed play but it siad that i couldnt play

  • bashir

    hi guys

  • bashir

    are you ethangamertv

  • Harrison

    when i run the launcher it just shows your guys logo then disapeers plz help

  • julian

    maybe launcher

  • Michael Jonsson

    I have problem if. I open this pack java says A JNI error has occured please check your installation and try again and java exception has occured. anybody can help?

  • Ryan

    do you need to buy minecraft before playing voids wrath ofline

  • YOLO

    what is the mod that gives them more health?

  • wow

    how does it work I wont work for me to llke show up the miencraft download to play it

  • wow

    it wont let me play it

  • brian

    i can’t boot it up on my mac i have the launcher and i installed the mods but it does not boot up minecraft

  • jecuhchr

    how do I install crazy craft 2.2

  • Aubree King

    how do I get crazycraft 2.2

  • Aubree King

    please help me download it

  • rayelle

    i dont no what to do?????

  • Keita

    how do you start playing crazycraft after you download both

  • isaih

    how do i set up void wrath acount

  • brandon

    i want to play too but i have norton security.


    When ever I try to join my server crazy craft 2.2 it says bad login what do I do

  • MathMoo7

    help me plz idk how to run it and stuff

  • ej

    how to get a username i will cry

  • Crazycreeper303


  • Natalie Lee

    what do i do when i download it im new on minecraft its in my file

  • Robbie Critchley

    how do you download it on mac

  • bode

    i need help when i try to load crazy craft 3 it wont load and nothing happends please help

  • Das Enden

    Pixelmon was mad fast downloads

  • Wyatt

    It downloaded to my documents. How do I get it from my documents to Minecraft?

  • Sadpikachu12

    how do i get it to work i downloaded the thing and the one animation loaded then i clicked on the crazy craft and its been like 45 minutes and it was downloading a lot of stuff what do i do

  • Rubyradecool

    i think you should download the server pack that’s what I did

  • Muzak Reedus

    can you just drag the zip in mod folder

  • Ozai Lay

    idk how to download crazy craft 3.0

  • khole05

    it says A JNI error has occurred, please check installation and try again. then says a java Exeception has occurred and i dont know what to do

    • shawnsBrain

      yep me too

  • Claire Naylon

    Help please, I’m a clueless mother and my son has asked for a PC for Christmas so he can play mind craft crazy craft and such like games. Please can anyone advise me on what kind of PC or Laptop Id need to get. Thanks in advance

  • Dean_D

    when i click play he just quit the program what to do?

  • Daniel

    HELP! I can’t sign in again! and when i change the password it still doesnt work! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!

    • the_gaming_kid

      use your email not your username ok

  • Joseph Cooke

    I downloaded the launcher, downloaded the mod pack, it wont let me play

  • sean

    how asacley can we get crazy craft 3.0

  • sean


  • hailey olivo

    well for me i watch TheAtlanticCraft and love their vids so im like should i try this because they r my fave utubers and im like HELL YEA!

  • Kayleigh

    my file came up wat do i do now?

  • Andres Perez

    iron chests mod does not work for me plz help

  • Denney Prophete

    dose it work with a mineshafter

  • mardigrasking

    what does this mean?

    975: IronChest from IronChest – Unlimited:clothblack from mod_Unlimited

    1000: SoulCage from SSR – Unlimited:lstone from mod_Unlimited

    Suggested Ranges: 3522-4061 (540 IDs), 1570-1919 (350 IDs), 1282-1539 (258 IDs)

  • Shido

    my crazy craft wont open it says Error Could not create the jave virtual machine
    Error a fatal exeption has occured program will exit

  • daniel simpson

    dosen’t really work just keeps coming up with messages

  • daniel simpson

    i am downloading the server pack don’t know why just random

  • LTerry

    There is no way for me to actually enter my username and password in the bottom left when I try to sign in to Voids Wrath.. I type it in the boxes but when I press enter nothing happens. When I try to reinstall it says there is a login failure. I’m not sure how to get my information in there.

  • Cassygirl

    Will this mod give me any type of virus?? i have a computer well its my sisters and she dose not want to get a virus from it HELP!!!!!

    • the_gaming_kid

      no ther are no viruses

  • DrewGryffindor

    I want to use the Ultimate Bow separately in Minecraft without the the rest of the Crazy Craft mods…. but i don’t know what mod its in…. Can someone please tell me?

  • crazycarno34

    pls help on the launcher i tried then it said java occured and like someting about jni

  • crazycarno34

    so i use the server pack to ge tthe 2.2 mods

  • Leviathinia

    OK. Sooo i clicked reinstall and when everything was done loading it said
    Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
    Error: a fatal exception has occured. Program will exist.
    Please Help! I really want to play CrazyCraft
    Btw i clicked reinstall for the CrazyCraft 3

  • DaneHDGamer

    help Error:A JNI error has occured.please check your installtion and try agan ok
    AJava Exception has occurred quit

  • zildjian

    this will work if you did not buy minecraft?

  • Dominic Wright

    on voidlauncher it says I need a premium account

  • kingcool243

    can someone help me???
    I keep on running into this error whenever I try to play crazy craft 2.2 and it starts loading then it exits off and this message appears. Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.
    Error: A fatal error exception has occurred. Programme will now exit.

  • Gabmarch

    how much does this mod pack cost?

    • the_gaming_kid

      its free


  • Christopher Cuprys

    it say the server is out of date

  • Sophia

    ok so I downloaded the launcher but when I try to open it, it wont open and I really want to download crazycraft but what was weird was that yesterday I could open the launcher and I tried to download crazycraft and then nothing happened please HELP Me!1 anyone else having this problem!

  • AsherKendall

    When I try to play it says ERROR:A JNI error has occurred. I try to reinstall but that does not work.

  • Lee

    Is there a way to download crazy craft to the iPad?

  • Toby Janssen

    every time i start the launcher than press play on crazy craft 3 it show a error even tho i signed in

  • MissCute Panda15

    Guys how do i get the crazy craft on minecraft hellp please ?

  • the_gaming_kid

    HELP! i have prem.. account but i have alredy pun… minecraft for long time ago but it still not works

    • the_gaming_kid

      nevermide i fix it

      • the_gaming_kid


  • the_gaming_kid

    Help i get ony error near i trying to start it says: Error: Could not create the Java virtual machine.
    Error: a fatal exception has occurred program will exit

    • the_gaming_kid

      i have fix it but i have a new problem i get stuck on 2/7

      • the_gaming_kid

        Near i it lance minecraft

      • FoxyThePirateFox

        Ye’be Stuck In Time?

    • summer wilkie

      How did you fix it if you don’t mind me asking im having that right now :)

  • FoxyThePirateFox

    Help I Can’t Login

    • the_gaming_kid

      use your email not your username

      • FoxyThePirateFox

        i used the email

      • FoxyThePirateFox

        Ye Be Walkin The Plank Matey

  • FoxyThePirateFox

    Also Ya Ha’r Mateys

  • Robin

    Help me please i have reinstalled THE modpack but if i start iT up THE game closer and iT Said:could not create THE virtual machine

    • the_gaming_kid

      downlode java7 <3

  • NinaNachthexen

    Is this compatible with MineCraft Pi on the RaspberryPi?

  • Lucas Nale

    every time i try to start crazy craft, it says that is cannot create the java virtual machine and that fatal error has occured

  • manveer

    its fine for me

  • llama

    do i need minecraft for this?? i hope not

  • HappyBurger

    How can i play crazy craft 2.2 i completed 3.0 but i kinda want to play 2.2 i know modded network is the same as 2.2 but some things are missing so pleae help me ?

  • angellace72

    should i get crazy craft????

  • callofduty 101


  • Audi Lorenzo

    My business partners were wanting CA FTB 3522 several days ago and came across a company that hosts a lot of fillable forms . If people are searching for CA FTB 3522 too , here’s

  • CountWhackula

    Anyone got a Crazy Craft sphax patch? The 128x version is long since gone. And any old patches have been removed or dead linked. If anyone can help me out here, that’d be amazing.

  • NIKI


  • SpottedFireGaming

    Excuse me but I have downloaded both the Server Pack as well as the Launcher. I attempted to run the minecraft-server1.6.5 file and it loaded for a while and then did nothing. I have attempted to run the VoidLaucher file and it opened, showed the animated logo of VoidsWrath, and then closed. I have tried to open one of the .sh files, but it needs to run on something and I don’t believe I have a run .sh file application. After a while of opening them, and then closing the application chooser, I gave up. I AM on Windows 10. I am also completely in the dark. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

    • SpottedFireGaming

      Wait, actually I think I have something going right now. I may have just opened the Mac files instead of the PC files.

      • SpottedFireGaming

        I did. It looks like I just needed to extract the files. Everything is fine. I was just dumb.

  • PugLover707 :D

    can someone pls help me!!!??? every thing i try dosent work! D:<

  • Scott

    I download the launcher just fine. When the run program comes up I hit run then nothing happens. I have windows 10. Any suggestions?

  • LunarIce

    When I load it it says error could not create java virtual machine error a fatal exception has occurred the app will close

  • xander

    thank you theatlanticcraft
    crazy craft 3.0 please

  • Iva Oody

    I cannot download Crazy Craft at all for some reason! I am going to explain everything I did and see if anyone can help me. I have a Windows 10 computer. First I downloaded MineCraft version 1.11/1.11.2. Then when I figured out that everyone was playing Crazy Craft including famous youtubers I downloaded Void Launcher. When I started running Void Launcher it work perfectly so I decided to download Crazy Craft 3.0.2/3.0 (something like that). The launcher says that in order to run Crazy Craft I needed to download minecraft version 1.7.10, but I already have version 1.11 as well. I went to forge and downloaded MineCraft 1.7.10, then went back to the Voids Wrath Launcher and started it. When I went back to it I clicked Play but it said that I didnt have a username and password so I typed my username and password, then it said Your Username and Password is incorrect (something like that) so I went to to login but when I logged in it said my account didnt exist so I sat my computer to the side and waiting. When I went back to login to again without the Void Launcher on it worked so I thought that it was ok to go back and try to play it but when I did it did the exact same thing to me saying my username and password is incorrect… A few months later I tried it again but this time I watched a video online about how to run Crazy Craft and I tried that and it let me run minecraft. When I chose singleplayer and created a world it just crashed! I dont understand whats wrong! I have been working on this for many months now but nothing is working?!?! If anyone knows whats going on please tell me. I will provide more information if needed. Thanks..

  • FireAntG

    Cody what mod is the Anti blocks from??

  • Maygic :3

    Why can’t I connect to the Official Server?

  • Jayvin Spencer

    so i dont know if this is a problem or just how the game is now but when i morph into a bird it will not let me fly.and i dont know how to make it so i can.

  • Infernoflame Gaming

    how do I join the server when I try it says failed to connect and I’m talking about the official server

  • bassam

    i have many drops and lag

  • Elsa Torres

    My six year old wants me to download crazy craft into is Ipad. Is the Ipad even a platform for Crazy Craft. He plays the pocket edition. We also have an adroid tablet he can use. I just dont want to let him use my computer

  • HaloUniverse HaloGalaxy

    i dowloaded the pack now what how do i play it

  • Kala

    is there any server for crazy craft 2.2 me and my friends need a server for our new series on our yt channels

  • YT Piecer


  • Matthew Skidmore

    do you need forge to make a server

  • bernard.the.clarinet

    I just have a quick question, I want a computer that’s 80 gb, but I don’t know how many gigabytes Crazy Craft is. Can anyone let me know so I know how many gigabytes my computer needs to have?

  • Mit Scieneer

    Crashed with this conflict:
    975: IronChest from IronChest – Unlimited:clothblack from mod_Unlimited
    1000: SoulCage from SSR – Unlimited:lstone from mod_Unlimited
    Suggested Ranges: 3522-4061 (540 IDs), 1570-1919 (350 IDs), 1282-1539 (258 IDs)