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The Crusader Craft Mod pack is a mod pack based around medieval times and lord of the rings. This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft re imagined. There are generating structures that are simply breath taking and the terrain is that of cube world stature. We take our previous packs and put them to shame. The pack is nothing like we have ever done before it overhauls your game and engulfs you into the game. It is time for you too choose which side you fight for. Do you support the corruption that mordor factions want to infect the world with or do you want to fight for humankind and put the world back into peace yet again!

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Minecraft: 1.7.10
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • No. of Mods: 55




Included Mod List


Cyan Warrior Swords Mod

  • Connergage

    Plz fix the fellowship server

  • Web

    I would love to see a 1.72 update of the server

  • _JakeOP_

    Guys, you should totally make a server for Crusader Craft!

    • suire

      or you can get off your lazy ass and do it yourself!

      • Robloxian_Gamer

        some people dont know how to create servers for modpacks. ever think of that?

  • TheEfficientPiggie

    it doesn’t work for me if you reply I will go into more detail
    plz fix

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing the modpack. I had to do that a few times.

  • Jasmine Pritchard

    it keeps crashing it wont work

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing.

  • PropertyInvestor

    It doesn’t work for me, it gets to the custom Mojang icon then freezes right at the end of the “initializing” stage pls fix as I have been looking forward to play this modpack

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing the pack.

  • PropertyInvestor

    On further investigation I have found that the new pokepack does not work either so perhaps it is to do with the 1.7.10 launchers. If it is a problem with my computer; pls tell me how to fix it.

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I have the same poblem… I think that’s because there’s not enough space on the computer for it.

  • zaxs cat

    Help this Mod pack just stops at the Mojang loading screen, the other mod packs work for me.

    • Andrew

      the same happened to me. We both need help

      • Robloxian_Gamer

        I had a similar problem. If you keep re-installing, it eventually works. It takes a long time, though…

  • TheHobbit81

    I am also having the same issue as most people here. I load the mod pack and it jams at the Mojang screen.

    Is there any progress on this? Is someone looking into this? I’d love to have a go. :)


    • PropertyInvestor

      Does the pokepack not work for you either?

    • TheHobbit81

      Hey, the latest version seems to work. Lots of fun for the whole family.


  • _JakeOP_

    Who-ever is having trouble with the “Initializing” phase of the Mojang screen, this should help/work.

    First, you should open the Void Launcher, then go to the top right “gear” and click it, and then go to options. After that, on that page, click on “apply perm germ fix.”
    For me, that worked, and all the credit goes to Cody, and Joe (Cody especially) for making this modpack/launcher for us to play on. Thanks you two, and hopefully this works everyone else. :)

    P.S. another tip is to check the console after loading the modpack, and make sure it doesn’t say that it “coudn’t load world.”


    • Eubonic

      U Need to update ur Java and maybe add some RAM I gave my minecraft 2GB Ram and Updated it it works now for me

      • _JakeOP_

        Which Java do you want the people having trouble to upgrade to? My voidlauncher is working just fine, I was just giving other people help :) and just a heads-up, Java 8 is nbot compatable with the old minecraft launcher, but the new launcher doesn’t need java. 😉
        Have a great day!


    • Abby Rose Rini

      Its not germs its gems

    • Minecrafty13

      were are the options

    • Minecrafty13

      i cant find the options and under the gear does it have to say mods?

    • Andrew

      i love you

    • Lauren

      It says I cant press apply germ fix? _JakeOP_

  • _iRegenerateLife_


  • Fearglove Fearshoe

    is it any way so that you can get the world that cody and joe is playing on?

    • _JakeOP_

      Do you mean the How to train your dragon world?

      • _JakeOP_

        Because that world is not available for download yet :(

  • ryan

    So is there an official server or not?

  • Will Gorta

    Yo, how do we open the Middle Earth menu for this one? When we press “L”, an unrelated screen comes up!

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Check the controls, sometimes the controls interfere with each other.

  • Megan Berlener

    Can’t get it to work after last night’s update, it keeps crashing.

  • PeytonFalcon

    Are there any servers with this modpack? I swear, this game is NO fun alone. Alternative: would anyone like to play this with me?

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I would, but i don’t know how to make a server for mod packs… Or servers at all… ^-^’

  • Jelle V Dijk

    guys, i was wondering how the sleeping bag works

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      On the backpacks or just the sleeping bag?

  • isaiah hohl

    This modpack crashes whenever i make a world it crashes, You guys have messed up something in Crusader Craft because it’s crashing.

    • Caleb

      I don’t know how to install it?

      • Caleb

        Does it have a virus?

        • Nitrodelta_6x

          it probably shouldn’t cause i was able to run it just fine so if it doesn’t work just reinstall it, that should work.

          • Minecrafty13

            that doesnt work

        • Robloxian_Gamer

          Sometimes it’s based on how much space is on the laptop.

  • Rust0001

    0.o Technic or voidswrath?

  • shawnieboy

    Question to anyone who knows is crusader craft exactly like what they play in the videos including the dragons and the island of Berke… please help me with my question

  • Richard Edelstein

    My crusade craft keeps crashing…. plz help ;-;

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Re-install? It may take a few times.

  • popspider11

    it keeps crashing

  • Diane Casella

    It wont let me install Voidswrath … It installs it then when it shows the pic of the octopus it just disappears

    • BeastyGamer

      Same! can someone plz help?

  • Shreya Kodali

    Yeah and wasn’t crusader craft supposed to be based of How to train your dragon

  • MagicMan1207

    This mod pack is fun

  • Hayden

    is the fellowship series starting back up

  • Hayden

    they already did

  • raghav jindal

    Hi guys im not sure that this is the correct place to post this but every time i start up jurrasic craft ( as in my world) it almost instantly crashes. anyone got a solution?
    but otherwise crusader craft is my favorite modpack cause it is the perfect blend of magic themed mods. i also love your guys crusader craft series cody and joe. so yeah pls leave a comment to help me cause i really want to try to make a park on jurassic craft and yeah bye.

  • Joson Caldwell

    does anyone know a good key setup for crusader craft

  • david parrish

    you should put the size in MB how large the mod packs are. just for the information.

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I think they already do.

  • Minecrafty13

    _jakeOP_ were are the options?

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      It’s the gear next to the minimize and close buttons.

  • Minecrafty13

    i cant find them

  • luiz ricardo

    mod legal

  • liam

    hey cody and joe u should make a future craft with stuff from all ur modpacks plus buildcraft,the atum tink construct with me my name on minecraft is theemraldwither13 and im a big fan go ATLANTAINS<3

  • liam

    i mean srly

  • liam

    or invite me too plz

  • Liam Daniel

    every time i load crusader craft it instantly closes after it is supposed to show title screen

  • cpg04

    I need a crusadercraft server anyone have a working one avible to join the main server is down for me and i dont know y

  • cpg04

    is there a main server for crusaders craft i cant join the one that says offical server

  • FlamingDragneel

    yeah he is right

  • FlamingDragneel

    totally should i want to play it with my friend

  • FlamingDragneel

    but we are in different countrys you see

  • FlamingDragneel

    life is hard

  • ian

    make a aventure map for crusader craft

  • therekker


  • Shrek

    ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass

  • Shrek

    Yes make a server tht I can DDos

  • batachu

    the modpack wont work it crashes

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing.



  • May Šobernik

    umm……….if I have too many mods or just ANY modpack installed, my minecaft laggs soo much I can’t even move……:/ what do I do???

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try making more space in your hard drive. Often that kind of lag comes from a lack of space.

  • demondog48

    this is so cool can you get it on PS3 p.s cody and joe aka theatlanticcraft ur amazing youtubers

  • Joey

    What should i do if my launcher says it “could not create the Java Virtual Machine”

  • njc0206

    help is there optifine to Crusader Craft 1.7.10 you can add realms to Crusader craft please

  • crazycarno34

    I cant use dreamcraft it works but when make world it disapears

    • Great_Inforcer

      same here

  • Great_Inforcer

    hi, i had a mac that could only play crazy craft and crusadercraft, i got a laptop and nothing is working now

    Please fix this, i am a huge fan of crusadercraft and dreamcraft.

    • not the REAL craze

      they cant fix things that are… a problem on ur end

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing a few times? It worked for me.

  • doomlasher

    pls update to lotr beta 25.3

    • thedragonofthenorth


  • Quentin Potpote

    Is someone having the fix to the ” Mojang ” freeze at ” Initialising ” ?

  • Andrew

    need help. My game gets stuck when loading. HELP!!

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Do you have 64-bit Java?

  • OmnipotentNarwhal

    Help please I don’t have ancient warfare catapults but I have the structures from ancient warfare. Also, my minimap resets every time I log off. If anyone can offer some insight, please do..

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I’m not sure, but maybe check on the save file fo the world?

  • Cisco

    I go download but then it said error Java help please

  • Cisco

    It downloads and it said launching minecraft and then said vuirtal machine error java

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Do you have 64-bit Java or 32-bit Java?

  • Froggaldogg –

    I have a server up, still in the process of loading NPC’s and getting quests going. server address is

  • martino311


    • Robloxian_Gamer


  • Tony Orellana

    I recently made a server using this mod pack for me and my friends. I ran into a problem though. The server module doesn’t let me use commands. I can stop the server, join the server, and use the server, except I can’t type in commands. Currently the only 2 commands I was hoping to use was the /op and /say commands. It almost seems like it perpetually loads or the complete loading process is indefinite. I couldn’t op myself with the server files either. Not sure what is happening.

  • Chance

    How come when I play the lord of the rings mod there is no roads or enchanted better looking landscape and trees like there is online like YouTube .

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Are you using a texture pack?

  • Lukas Meier

    Hi Guys
    I have a problem . you know maybe the server provider ” ” who in the selection also this modpack but if I want to go to my one server , an error of 2 mods are still every time there, but I would like this modpack on my Server. thanks you guy for help…

  • Niklas

    Where is the map you are playing on?

  • Michael

    Just tried loading up this modpack and got an error saying “Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation. The mods and versions listed below could not be found: bspkrsCore: minimum version required is 6.15” I’m guessing the newest version of this mod needs to be added to this pack.

  • Ben Varnals

    hey guys I am trying to load up crusader craft on my apple mac but as soon as it opens after a few secs it disappears and fails to open. PLEASE HELP WE ARE TRYING TO MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I use Windows and it works. Try a different computer?

  • sungtar

    when i open it, it says you need mantle so i downloaded it and but it in the launcher thing and it still wont work or it crashes help me please

  • Goskaya

    Can someone tell me how to install fellowship map?

  • Saga 7508

    Plz HELP! In the CrusaderCraft launcher it says “Invalid username and password combination, want to play offline?” I respond yes and it says that I don’t have a Minecraft premium account and that i should login at the minecraft website, I do so but the cycle keeps repeating!

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      I had the same problem. Did you use your minecraft log-in info in the VoidLauncher?

  • Nick Ramsey

    so i got 2 problems with it 1. the end doesn’t work and 2. the thaumcraft wand power things (i forgotten the name) doesnt work either, needs fixing.

    • Robloxian_Gamer

      Try re-installing? I haven’t had problems with it (other than not knowing what some things do).

    • Teddy Swingler

      change the control from F to something else i did tab an it worked!

  • Adam Andrew Angar

    Please help. I’ve installed the mod pack but I don’t know what I
    will do. pls reply =D thanks

  • Robloxian_Gamer

    Anyone know how to use a flicker lure? I crafted one and left it out for a few minecraft days, it doesn’t seem to work… Does it need a kind of bait?

  • john

    the server does not work for me

  • john

    lord of the ring server does not work for me

  • john

    lord of the ring does not work for me

  • Kolby Quigg

    is there a way to make an automatic tree farm in this modpack?

  • Perry van Gils

    I get this error when I try to load this server in Ubuntu : can someone help me with this?

  • BeastyGamer

    Hi! I need help, I’m new to this stuff but I really wanna download crusaders craft and play the fellowship factions. What do I do? Seriously there is nothing I know here.

  • BeastyGamer

    Hello, I’m new to voidswrath, but I really wanna play crusaders craft and the factions. Please help, I literally know nothing here.

  • Armageddon_Lord

    This modpack is basically LOTRMod with addons. It has taken all the hard work of the LOTRModders, and had used it to make THIS modpack into the LOTR Minecraft experience, rather then the core mod that makes this entire pack work. In short, CrusaderCraft has stolen LOTRMod’s thunder by using LOTRMod.

  • stinkos

    I have a problem the hqm mod doesn’t have any quests, why?

  • Alexandre Minguet

    When I try to Go on Official Server it says “Unknown Host”

    -Me [A Cheerful Waffle] ~2017~

  • The Official Gerald Pratama

    Crusader craft is good, because it’s compatible with minecraft.

  • Bailey Roberts

    I typed in my mojang account and its says this isn’t real or something and then asks me to play offline and it still doesn’t work

  • G money

    hey cody I was wondering if you could add tinkers iguana tweaks to the pack besides that I love the pack keep up the good work

  • Thebest Screenman

    the orespawn mod for crazy craft 3 dosnt work

  • adamjameswebb

    Mod pack no longer works. its missing libraries and bauble linking to a nonexistent download link.
    once you do find the mods missing the server version doesnt work theres all conflicts between server version mods and the launcher mods.

  • frostbite

    [CrusaderCraft] Changing from creative to survival mode causes ‘malformed spells’ to get added to the inventory. Is this built this way?