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The JurassicCraft Mod pack is a mod pack based around Dinosaurs! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is minecraft re imagined. There are various new Dinosaurs, methods or cultivating and processing DNA along with many methods for exploration and archaeological enterprises! The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in an advanced technological era and engulfs you into the world of Jurassic Park. It is time for you to choose where you stand in the race to bring back the Dinosaurs. Do you support the advances of science to improve medicine and attract tourists from all over the globe or do you not wish to infect the world with what could possibly be the end of Human Kind! Be careful when looking after your Dinosaurs, nobody knows exactly the true extent of bringing them back.

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Minecraft: 1.7.10
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • No. of Mods: 48



Jurassic Craft 2 (1.0.1 Update)


– updated fossil&archeology (more dinos)
– updated jurassic craft (baby dino suffocation fix)
– updated vehicle core
– updated dirt bikes & more


– Added Soul shards
– Added MCHeli


– No mods removed

Jurassic Craft 2 (1.0.0 Patch)


– update fossil (more dinos)
– update jurassic (smp fixes)
– update vehicle core
– update jurassic dirt bikes and more (smp fixes)


– No Mods Added​


– remove weather (smp crashes)
– remove small boats (smp crashes)​

Included Mod List


Soul Shards


    im making my own version on 1.7.10 of the modpack im still trying to find some good mods

  • Conner Ball

    hey mine crashs a lot its a black sceen when I try to load it and crashes and when I get on it my launcher wont load and I have to reinstall the mod pack and the launcher and I loose everything can any one help?:(

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      Depending on your operating system please update your java


      Mac OS X x64 58.48 MB jre-8u40-macosx-x64.dmg
      Windows x64 40.94 MB jre-8u40-windows-x64.exe

      • Conner Ball

        hey so I was doing it and it said the java you told me to get is out of date so what do I do?

      • Conner Ball

        or are those the out of date ones

      • Conner Ball

        oh and at all could you make a video on how to get and get the hole mod to work

      • Joseph Soriano

        My java is Windows x64 40.94 MB jre-8u40-windows-x64.exe and the mod pack still doesn’t work. Help?

  • Eduardo Rodriguez

    doesn’t let me download the mod pack

  • Wouter B

    The Server Pack is giving me a JavaClassVersion exception and does not start, after accepting the eula.txt. I got it to start by creating my own batch file instead of using one of the included ones. However, the server does not seem to load the majority of the mods. It is outputting a lot of “was not loaded because the required mod X was not found”.
    I did manage to connect to the server, however after spawning myself an NPC wand my client crashed and cannot connect to the server ever again, ever after re-installing the client through the launcher.

  • Ronaldo G

    I try to play it by pressing “play” bu tit just loads up and closes right away. Can you please fix this or let me know what I am doing wrong?

    • Billy

      That is what is also happening to me

  • Ronaldo G


  • Freelander

    Mine will sometimes start up, but then it will say its not responding and then it will crash. Then sometimes it will load and let me make a world but it wont even make the world completely and crashes.

  • bones

    mine is just crashing

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnLBey8ReqGHvDUs5MxPgQ TheBeastsOfClash Gaming

    is there a mac vershon

    • gamerboy200

      i think so

      • Mindcraft Flash1

        where would it be

    • SuperMonkey

      Yes there is a Mac version

  • Carl Bryant

    where is the tropiccraft update?!

  • Pinksheep79

    mine says in the console unable to load if you want I can upload a file of it but I just wanna know if I’m doing something wrong and if you wondering I am using java 7

  • SLO_BeCoolFury

    I think you need 64-bit java

  • Erik Anderson

    can we still do the campane as well

  • Peter Parker

    AtlanticCraft it won’t start up :(

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      post report on the support forums

      • Trevor Bral

        i actually managed to get in the pack but its so laggy, that if i had a dollar for every fps that it dosnt have, i would be a billionaire !!! same with the 0 fps poke pack 2. ive tried reinstalling so many times and watching every possible helpful video. pls respond AtlanticCraft :(


    minecraft broken

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      please post report on the support forums bro

  • conner

    mine wont work it says thres something wrong with forge

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      please post report on the support forums

  • Peyton Lamb

    How do you update?

  • Peyton Lamb

    I would love to have a Jurassic Craft update

    • Blake Johnson

      in would to

  • Erik Anderson

    the launcher keeps dieing

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      explain please or make a support ticket post

      • Mike

        Is this Cody or Joe? Either or, is dream craft going to continue? Also Jurassic craft is awesome and my cousin plays all the mod packs on the viod launcher

        • Mike

          You guys are awesome and my parents watch your vids

        • TheAtlanticCraft

          cody and dream craft is going to ep 100 and come november of 2015 we will start season 2

  • dillinger

    do u now how to get it for free

  • dillinger

    i dont know

  • Gamesplease

    Why is it mcprohosting using version 2.0.0 when your launcher only supports version 1.0.0

  • Princess Gamer

    hi atlantic craft this lancher is awesome and all but plz can you put your five nights at freddys mod on it

  • Leo Diaz

    help me

  • Chickens Eat Pigs

    i cant get on jurassicraft it says its not responding?

    • thesupergaming

      just wait for it to work thats what i do

  • Mike

    Hi is Atlantic craft online?Also I am becoming a YouTube in June. And Jurassic craft is probably better than the movies. #Jurassiccraft

    • Magma333

      i facepalm infinitely. For one, you say better than the movies like the movies were the first. First came the books. duh. Learn your facts #JurassicParkBooks>JPMovies

  • Nick Prins

    can u put the download of the map on the site pleas

  • shonmikel sconzo

    what do I do if it says minecraft ran out of memory

    • Magamew53

      If u have the Minecraft luncher and it says profile click new profile

  • Magamew53

    is jrassic craft for mac? cuz i a slow and vary weak mac?! just woundering

    • Derek

      if it is slow and weak it most likey wont work

      • Magamew53

        What I mention was it can’t run with out its charger and when I open up my voidswrath luncher it just sits there and dose nothing. Ha sorry for the not good exspntion

  • Nick Prins

    can u put the download of the map on the site please

  • Reed Boucher

    I CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE FRICKEN LAUNCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Catdogfishbird of Knowlege

      too bad. XD

  • Jake

    Whenever I try to play a modpack, it takes forever to load and always crashes once i start a world. I am running a 64 bit system so id don’t know why it won’t work. If you guys have any advice i would appreciate it.

  • Alexandra Peck

    my laptop doesn’t care WHAT it is, let alone mac, so this works anyway (btw im a atlanticraft subscriber so yea)

  • That Hyena Named Ed

    Hey how does the server work? I want to play this modpack but it never works on the launcher.

  • carmendelrey

    Jurrasic is the only one that won’t open up, it downloads and I press play but then it never opens.. I’m annoyed!

  • tate

    it will not lode can you fix that.


    I keep crashing from this and don’t know what to do about this I need help + does this work for windows?

    • Yuan Benedict O. Suarez

      Yes, of course. And I play this like 2 months

  • Nicholas Flores

    Do the dinosaurs spawn naturally in survival?

  • ryan

    is there a server?

  • noah

    it keeps crashing when the game opens

  • bob

    Can u please update yo 1.8

  • bob

    Can u please update to 1.8.7 if not its ok

  • Mikey Dietrich

    every time i get in to the no.7 panell it crash u need to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SuperMonkey

      Redownload the modpack or redownload the launcher

  • Mike Dunker

    It keeps Crashing!

  • SpelandeGåsen FFG

    Cant start the JurassicCraft plz fix i relly like Jurassic Park i start loving it wen i was 3 and now im 17 i will dont stop loving it plz this is my Dream of minecraft =(

    • kip

      Do you have LLibrary and Forge 1.7.10?

      • SuperMonkey

        The Mod pack install LLIbrary and Forge 1.7.10

        • Jack Smith

          You need to have forge but it does install library.

    • SuperMonkey

      Restart the launcher or redownload it or redownload Jurrasic Craft

  • foxy

    i cant wait to play five nights at freddys

  • Shreya Kodali

    I still can’t figure out how to download the void launcher for mac it keeps on saying that it is from an unidentified developer

    • Magma333

      go to system preferences then open general in it. click allow access to void launcher.

  • Kolik Anbiya Keren

    ini keren

  • MagicMan1207

    It crashes every once in a while

  • KyanShiba
  • EDSTAR007

    IT is always Crashing everything is crashing

  • Hayden

    i love Jurassic craft

  • Hayden

    when is the next update

  • Brian Heflin

    It crashes every time I try to load it. it either crashes, or just shows a black screen and then “no response”

    • Elizabeth Mitola

      am having the same trouble.

      • Renan Bueno

        my minecraft takes about 10 minutes to load everything, meanwhile it shows a blackscreen. You should wait more to see if it unfreeze.

        • Brody

          you need a new java look up how to get one

    • TheAwsomeOne11

      get a better computer

  • Tanner Rust

    needs fixing

  • Sander Thie

    Please fix the crash

  • Arthur

    Anyone has an server on here?

  • Destined_Destroyer

    I CAN’T START IT!!!!
    makes me so frustrated
    please fix this it’s really annoying

  • Kaver Allie

    its not the real jurrasic park mod

  • Nitrodelta_6x

    hey for some reason mine wont even load at all I keep trying to load it bye reinstalling it and clearing out the files but nothing seems to work and i got it on my sisters computer just fine. So can someone help me out please ;-;

    • Yuan Benedict O. Suarez

      LOL I play this for months!

    • Anthony Naugle

      it Could be your java. also, (and this is before installing myself) if it has cofh core, you need to go and switch it for the latest version.

  • Heather Leigh Scott

    Are y’all ever going to fix the crash problems with Jurassic Craft? I can’t log in, it just says “Not Responding” then kicks me out and asks me to reinstall again. Been trying to get it working for several hours now…

  • Yuan Benedict O. Suarez

    This modpack is awesome

  • Pawzie water455

    It’s fun, although I only was in it for about, 25 minutes until it crashed..

  • Blackstone Presagio

    Keeps stopping at the Mojang screen for me.

  • David Monkey

    I cant make a pina coloda and enter the tropic realm plz help

  • gamerboy200


  • Nicholas Byrne

    Cody or Joe I am having trouble with opening Jurassic craft, I love season 3 so much and love what u guys doing so I downloaded the launcher and for some reason it loads and once it finished it dosent open. PLZ help I know u guys are busy but plz help me ??? :) :) :)

    • Nicholas Byrne

      + I have a Mac book

  • Taken54

    I cant start the modpack it keep crashing.

  • FlamingDragneel

    why the hell does the game crash

  • FlamingDragneel

    i want to play it

  • FlamingDragneel

    i cant live without it plz help

    • SuperMonkey

      Same until I buy a Mac(it’s not the best gaming computer) My Mac have 8 GB of Ram and a good graphic card

  • bubblecraft909

    wow probs your computer i have alien whare (i built) and has no probs

  • Мартин Бабинов

    Мне норм

  • Liam Daniel

    i cant get anything to load up i installed latestjava things like it wanted still wont work fix plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tacalmo

    After I downloaded it, it gave me a fatal Java error and closed, please help!

    • SuperMonkey

      That mean your computer can’t handle Jurrasic Craft.Tell me what is your RAM

  • shadic950

    it works fine for me, i just have to wait a while but i dunno how some stuff in the game works XD

  • Nicolas Ivan del Rosario

    cody how can i download the void luncher?

    • SuperMonkey

      Wow I don’t know how to explain this

  • momo

    how do you download it

  • rachel


  • Helpful Person

    Comments more about crashing, If you have this problem, Get the most updated java installation, if not working, then make sure you don’t have any tabs other than the loader and minecraft. As this will slow down and each tab made, will slow down your machine faster.

  • Javier Sagardia

    I need help getting the pack into my minecraft!

  • nicolas

    vcs q crio o mod pack?

  • KSSauceThe Gamer

    my launcher is not working! whenever i press play for a modpack it does the loading thing but then stops and wont load the modpack! plz help i would really like to jurassic craft and crazy craft 3.

    • KSSauceThe Gamer

      play jurassic craft and crazycraft 3.0*

  • Matthew Simpson

    hi how do I host a server????

  • Raxton Havoc

    can’t download Jurassic Craft love the Jurassic park

  • Nathan

    for me it is so glitch when i open my inventory

    • Jack Smith

      Probably because your pc is to slow.

  • Minecrafty13

    can you plz make a server with a Jurassic park/world map!

    • Jack Smith

      When they hit episode 100 they will release the mc server and map for the public.

  • Minecrafty13

    it would be cool!!

  • jordan

    how do you download it

  • isa900

    no roade

  • ryanall1


  • alex

    its probably because your computer

  • alex

    try upgrading your computer like if you have windows upgrade it to windows 10 if that doesn’t work try getting a faster computer and if you have important stuff on your old computer get a flash drive and save them to that and then plug it into your new computer and save them to your new computer

  • Enderpro23

    help I cant get in to play the mod!

  • Kirel

    love It except I reformatted my computer so hope I can play it again :)

  • AgentDucky07

    I migrated my account to a mojang account… It won’t let me log in with my original username or passcode. What do I do?

    • Jack Smith

      You use your email where it says username and your password where it says password.

  • Jack Smith

    I can’t get the launcher to work. It keeps on saying my username and password are incorrect. Any helpful advice?

  • ybsxmonds

    when i tried to load this modpack it crashed i redownloaded it it crashed again i redownloaded the whole launcher it crashed again any help?

  • endermaster120

    cant download
    it says i need to log in with minecraft… i did that it says it is not correct… i try again… still does not work… restarted the launcher still does not work… reset my minecraft password… you guessed it STILL does not work… i cant play the pack if i cant login

    • TJGamerWolf

      if u have migrated your account log in with ur email

  • Minature Man2

    what can i do if i download the server pack

  • crazycarno34

    totally awesoome thanks it just on ething the ip changes wwhen i runteh server on my computer

  • crazycarno34

    pls make a server tha talows you to have your own space and it cost 1000 dollars to expand your island and add mountains and then when you want to expand again 1000 more dollars than the last cost psl make this server

    • crazycarno34

      yeha pls do this

  • Andrew

    When I try and play it says: Error: could not create java virtual machine Error: a fatal exception has occurred.

    • VikingDogGaming

      same here :(

  • A_Dubs ward

    it keeps crashing on me

    • A_Dubs ward

      how do i get it to stop crashing

  • Preston Pace

    The Helicopters arent in my game

  • endrmen123

    I need help I trying to load it but its not working its just shows loading and then it disappears

  • VikingDogGaming

    i get an error that java is not able to make a “java Virtual Machine” what can be done???

    • SmashMeBro7

      Update java, reinstall the modpack, get a better computer try those

  • Tbjbu2

    Everyone who have problems with the loading, just wait, it’s working after some min…

  • koreandjapan

    where can i download the ‘props’ mod?

  • koreandjapan


  • Aiden

    When I open my inventory I just get a grey screen

  • Raptorowen

    PHow do I use the hat mod in it

  • Dragonian Girl

    Question; every time I open my inventory, a crafting table, or anything that brings up Jei (just enough items), my game lags. Like, not just normal lag, but it lags so much I can’t click anything. Help?

  • charmanderMLG

    when is coming JurassicCraft 3.0 (season 4)

  • MinecraftMan

    It doesn’t work, it just says minecraft crash detected (-1). I’m SO SAD

  • Clayton Copeland

    I cat log in to play I put the right stuff in to play but it said I cant play

    • Lazar Kostic

      you should put yor email in the text box marked for username

  • Dat Ausie Dude

    why does it keep crashing can someone please help

  • Jennifer Haley

    im new to voidswrath launcher can someone tell me which username to use regular minecraft username or disqus please tell me how

  • The gaming Raptor

    what wiki is recimended #spelled weong age 10

    • The gaming Raptor


  • The gaming Raptor

    aswome mod love it but my akylo died from starvastoin

  • Malik “ropo” Moor


  • Lazar Kostic

    hey guys i have some bad news! i CANT JOIN OFICIAL PUBLIC SERVER IS THERE ANY HELP?
    CONTAKCT ME AT [email protected]

  • Lazar Kostic

    Oh and modpack is realy buggy even if i have a monster gaming computer!

  • JT Player


  • Stephan Mendoza

    Does this work for Windows 10 edition?
    If so, how do I start?
    Thank you

  • Cody Payne

    i got it too work

  • Cave Matthew

    It says JurassiCraft (not responding) and when I wait for it to load it crashes. I need help

  • Cave Matthew

    Whenever I run it it says jurassic craft (not responding). I need help getting fixed.

  • KBbumble

    why cant i place any of the modded blocks on my server?

  • Horse Prezi

    What version of minecraft does this work on?

  • Mateo

    I’m on mobile how do I get it onto my Minecraft I installed the mods pack and I got the launcher but I don’t know how to use the mods