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The VoidsWrath Mod pack is a mod pack based around exploration and Mythical creatures! This pack is not modded minecraft, it is Minecraft like you’ve never played it before! There are various new mobs, structures, weapons, tools, the list is endless! You really won’t understand the true power of the pack until you play it yourself. The pack really makes you feel like you’re living in Medieval times! It’s completely brilliant, one minute you could be killing cows, then you’re killing one of hundreds of Bosses, then you could stumble upon one of many ruins or temples ready to be explored, but be careful, things aren’t always as they seem. No two people could have the same experience with this Pack, the amount of game changing mods make that impossible. There are hundreds paths to choose from, warrior, explorer, King, you decide!

  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Minecraft: 1.4.7
  • Multiplayer: Yes
  • No. of Mods: 33


Included Mod List

Elemental Tinkerer
Extended Familiars Pack
Mob Dismemberment
Backpacks Mod
Tale Of Kingdoms 2
Familiars API Mod
Ruins Mod
Not Enough Items
More Health
Divine RPG
Familiars API Mod
More Bows Mod
Smart Moving Mod
Sword Pedestal
Bibliocraft Mod
Rpg Inventory Mod
The Shur’tugal Mod
Back Tools Mod
Damage Indicators Mod
Enchanting Plus
AtomicStryker’s Infernal Mobs
Mob Spawn Controls
Rei’s Mini map
GoluiUtil Golui
Magical Crops

  • Sneeze

    Hey TheAtlanticCraft! Eternal isles updated an has like 18 new dimensions in it. I saw you tweet about fighting a boss in it, so I guess you guys are updating to nevermine 2: AoA soon. But, when are you going to start making a series for it? You guys are the best!
    thanks for reading!

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      yeah thats the plan for voids wrath 2.0


        A there any modpacks for 1.7.2

      • Mike

        Hi I like your vids thx!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

      • Ryan Ali

        u mean 3.0?

    • http://eruptionzproductionz.weebly.com Eruptionz2002

      I agree Sneeze. They are the best of the best.

  • http://eruptionzproductionz.weebly.com Eruptionz2002

    Btw TheAtlanticCraft, what mod is this again? (P.S. I saw you’re minecraft fnaf vid. SO AWESOME!)

  • http://eruptionzproductionz.weebly.com Eruptionz2002

    Lolz nvm, I didn’t see the description of the mod till after I asked you. But thanks anyway.

  • andrerambo

    Atlantic Craft can u do more vids later? :)

  • Gamer_Boy19876

    can you add
    Five Nights at Freddys Mod [1.7.10]

  • Bobby123423

    how long til it is updated to eternal isles

  • Ninvento

    One of the best mod packs I have seen

  • Shreya Kodali

    Is this the the 1st nod pack to be posted on this website thus forth the name

  • Lilly campbell

    How do I play

  • Hayden

    whens voids wrath season 3 starting i have been waiting for it

  • Hayden

    i am so exited for it.

  • john

    does this have the tale of kindoms mod?

  • Hugogamer12

    atlantic craft help me i try play the void wrath launcher and i dont get play what i need make to work ? help me plz :'(

  • henryxixon


  • FlamingDragneel

    the bosses in this game are incredible

  • FlamingDragneel

    and there are so many as they said i think it was 8

  • FlamingDragneel

    yeah just checked it its 8

  • disqus_chhdUzMUFl

    how do i log in on the launcher?

  • rubystarzgaming

    i think this should have timkers construct

  • BlueKitAssassin

    Is the camping mod fixed yet? The knife wasn’t craftable on the server.

  • rosematou


  • Nick Goodner

    So I noticed that a lot of the mods are missing in this Voids Wrath modpack, like its says that there are mods in it but they aren’t actually working in-game and I also realized that when TheAtlanticCraft was playing this mod over a year ago it was in 1.6.4 and now it is in 1.4.7

    • Jeremysoft

      i know me too

  • denhan


  • denhan

    how do you get the mod pack

  • not the REAL craze

    the tale of kingdoms isnt working ? i made a server but not all the npcs are in the town, there is no city planner, and i cant click information at the guild leader, the kingship bar isnt there either.

  • joshminecraft1

    i love this mod pack more then crazy craft because crazy craft is so laggy

  • Felice Xaviera

    its working For Me

  • Hero_ho

    I want to buy K.o.T.V in the public server, but the /buy says that it can’t, what do i do?

  • TWDfan5749

    The mudpack crashes before minecraft opens up. How do I fix this!!

  • Galaxy WolfKun

    How do i log into the server, it says connection refused: Connect.

    • dano bosi

      Yea me too

    • Emery BrownEmeryB


  • zehRain

    Hi it’s just to know if the multiplayer of “voidswrath” was closed because when I connect there is mark “End of stream”

    • TWDfan5749

      yeah same here, and I’ve tried reinstalling the launcher but nothing works.

      • MikeBaqain

        i really need to know why it says “End of stream” maybe because theatlanticcraft stopped the voidswrath server because the stream series ended?

  • Erika Phipps


  • dano bosi

    why does this Lagg so MUCH its unbeleivable