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Realistic flight in Minecraft has never really been implemented. Even the elytra doesn’t take into account true aerodynamics. Minecraft Flight Simulator aims to change all this, by introducing planes that handle like actual planes! To do this physics and aerodynamics are used, taking into account thrust, drag, lift, prop pitch, and much more. Controls are also tailored to provide a simpler means of controlling planes than the current mouse-yoke standard, which allows you to look around as you fly. You can even customize your planes by giving them different propellers and engines, which affect their flight characteristics.




  • Realistic handling of planes makes flight much simpler. Planes can be put in circular holding patterns and will climb on their own power.
  • All rotating parts do so at the correct speeds. No slow-moving propellers here!
  • Plane performance is based on weight; passengers, items in inventories, and fuel all cause the plane to be heavier. Make sure you have a large enough engine to take off, or loose some weight. Some items, like ore, are heavier than others. Heavy items can be added or changed in the config file.
  • Multi-entity planes allows for accurate collision detection and breaking of parts during rough landings.
  • Plane components, like engines and propellers, can be customized to create hundreds of unique planes, each with their own capabilities.
  • Crafting recipes are material sensitive; seats take the color of the wool used to craft them, and the MC-172 takes the type of wood as its texture.
  • Adaptive configuration allows for other mod’s liquids to be used as fuel. Upon loading MFS will look for any liquid in a bucket and add it to the fuels portion of the config. Just change the fuel value to something besides 0 to allow that liquid to be used as a fuel.
  • Extremely flexible control system allows for mapping of any action to any key. Since the mouse is free, you can now look around while flying a plane.
  • Joystick compatible! See Joystick Controls for details.


Other notes:

  • This mod can be added to modpacks, but only though the Curse system. The mod is still lacking polish, and I don’t want packs to be affected by the numerous issues. When I change this policy I’ll make a post to the forum.
  • I’m not an internet sensation, so I enjoy it when people make YouTube showcases. Those, and pictures of cool things are likely to get included in the OP if they’re good.
  • If you want to contribute to this project, I’m glad to have the help! One of the largest uses of my time is creating models, so if you have one you’d like to have put in the mod let me know. I’d be more than happy to give you credit for it by putting your name in the item name, or name on the tail.
  • Another big use of my time is finding out the properties of airplanes. I’m always happy to get feedback on performance or properties, so don’t hesitate to correct me if something seems amiss.


for various other things such as crafting and the pre-flight checklist (bloody hell @_@) check the original forum post – Mod

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Download Instructions

We have a custom auto installer program that automatically installs the mods you want to either your vanilla minecraft or one of our mod packs with the same minecraft version!

1. Hit download
2. Find download and hit run
3. Select which directory you wish to install it to
4. Hit Install after your selection
5. Run corresponding Mod Pack you installed to or vanilla minecraft!
6. If using vanilla Minecraft launcher make sure to have the latest version of forge! DOWNLOAD
7. Load your minecraft launcher and select edit profile
8. Select the drop down tab use version and find the forge version you installed
9. Hit save profile and have fun.