[1.7.10] Five Nights at Freddy’s Map!

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This is a Five Nights at Freddy’s custom map that we had made and one of the best builders in minecraft built this map! Hyperscale created the map around 3 months ago for an animation project we were working on! The map includes Freddy Fazbears diner and has every room you could imagine! We have Foxys Pirate Cove, Balloon Boys ball pit, Mangles kitchen, Purple Guys office, security guard office, main stage, puppets back rooms & more!


Click to Download Installer

Installer Download links

Java Auto Installer [1.7.10] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.JAR)
Java Auto Installer [1.7.10] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.EXE)



Download Instructions

We give you the mod folder inside a .zip..Do not redistribute this on any other site or monetize it in anyway

1. Hit download
2. Find download and open it up
3. Go to your .minecraft folder
4. Go to your saves folder
5. Drag the folder inside the .zip into your saves folder
6. Make sure your using 1.7.10
7. Enjoy!

  • Allon05

    ive been waiting for this map

    • Voids Wrath


  • randombro1987

    Dudes help for some reason the link of the map in the drop box.com doesn’t work pls help i dunno if this is just internet problems of mine or the link is broken i wish it wasn’t dropbox cause that place is bad news for me wish it was just mediafire or something else alot faster

  • Nikola Garovic

    Can u please put a moded map 😀

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      it really doesnt work I tried and it causes bad crashes for people trying to download it

      • Chrisoodles

        Can You Give Us All of the Mods used for the map?

        • TheAtlanticCraft

          I can possibly I will make a custom modpack on the voidlauncher forums

          • Chrisoodles


      • Jesse Ramirez

        How do we download it

  • SuperGlitchy

    I got an idea. Can you make the maze a safe room?

  • Matt Pennington

    I Have Been Waiting All Day For This Map Can Yoll Put Yolls DreamCraft Map Or Any Other Star Wars Mods And The Mod Pack Is Really Laggy Because i Have A Windows Is There Any Way To Stop Making It Lag And Look At This Cool Pitchure

    • Zain Masters

      razer cortex works , taking ur tower or lptop apart and buying new ram cards and faster cpus
      idk just boost ur cpu and ram

  • Matt Pennington

    What Mods Do I Use I Know I Post To Use The FNAF Test Mod And Some Other Mod

  • Francis Niemeyer

    the map is downloading in a .rar file, is that suppose to happen?

    • A pissed off Irish person.

      Use WinRAR or 7Zip.

  • MonsterDobbs

    This Is Cool ^-^ I will know how to download mod

  • Matt Pennington

    What Mods Do I Use I Know I Post To Use The FNAF Test Mod And Some Other Mod

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      secret rooms, security craft five nights at freddys

  • futurecreeper

    it doesnt work

    • TheAtlanticCraft


      • Zain Masters

        and listen ice is back w/ a brand new rendition …. ice ice babay

  • joseph

    I used the installer, where’s the world? do I have to do something else?

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      its in your save files

      • NickNewk

        Its Not Even There When I Installed It

  • Francis Niemeyer

    why is the map in a .rar file?? can you help TheAtlanticCraft

    • Raphael EzaRov

      try to extract it :)

  • GrimReaper21

    can I rebuild this map in mcpe server pls? it would be really cool if I could cuz we have fnaf minigames in it

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      if it is donation based no

      • GrimReaper21

        No its not donation based

  • Raphael EzaRov

    what mod required for this map??

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      none you can install your own to decorate

      • Ronin Morina-Marcel

        TheAtlanticCraft Can You Make A Video On How To Make Your Own Mod!

        • TheAtlanticCraft

          our dev team is too busy sorry

    • Creeper21112

      all of them lol

  • Chrisoodles

    can you make a modded version of this map please?

  • Kadin R

    i dont see the map in my maps can you put a link to it when i clicked download it just installed the mod

    • TheAtlanticCraft


  • Ian Gazdik

    neither of them work for me. it says it has completed the download but there is no zip folder to be seen. instead of downlaoding an installer could it be possible for a download of the map itself?

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      it is in your saves folder

      • Ian Gazdik

        Nvm i found it

        also OMG I’M TALKING TO TheAtlanticCraft!!!!

        • Ian Gazdik

          and by the way, is my game supposed to crash whenever i spawn marionette? and should withered bonnie be invisible?

          • Stuart Roy Robert Ferguson

            it migt be because of other mods u have instaled

          • Candi banta


          • Candi banta

            doo u hav any modds

        • Candi banta

          how u get modd

      • John mccann

        Cody plese do a minecraft pe one

      • Slahe The Slayer

        Hi Cody and Joe i am a big fan of yours i have seen everyone of your videos but where can i download your Fnaf mod. From Slahe The Slayer

        • Gavin


      • Candi banta

        how do u instal da mod

        • Tjeerd M. Zweistra

          Tou Get a Mod Folder Use Forge Open Minecraft Forge Once Than There You Go

          • EnderWarrior228

            u neeed java too

      • Candi banta

        how do get da mod folder

      • Candi banta

        u awsome

      • Candi banta

        please give me mod i like every video

        • TheAtlanticCraft

          the mod is for download :)

      • Gavin


      • Candi banta

        you awesome

      • dlfve.[;gb

        dude u are swag the atlantic craft

      • KatLilly

        its still not working. It wont show up in minecraft. Every time that I get a map from here it never works i need help!

      • EnderWarrior228

        its is not in my saves

        • Enderman Productions

          You know what else is not in your saves? a friend.

  • Jack Porter

    my thing is not working!

  • jordanisgreat505

    need win rar to work

  • mikey

    its not working for me eather

  • BatofSteel1

    it dosent work for me

  • Foxy

    como usa esse sait seila

  • xXElatedPlanetXx


  • BatofSteel1

    I cant download this thing!!!! HELP

  • BatofSteel1

    The AtlanticCraft can you help me download the map

  • BatofSteel1

    nothing ever works for me

  • BatofSteel1

    no one ever replys to me some one halppp

  • BatofSteel1

    U smell like JW

  • guy with question

    what is the world supposed to be called in my saves folder

    • BatofSteel1

      I has the same problem

  • guy with question

    and when i downloded the mod every time a spawn a mob it crashes my game and ruins the world

  • guy with question

    and when i press install i cant find the map in saves

  • BatofSteel1

    how do I get into my saves folder

  • SpingTrap47

    I downloaded it but it never showed up in my files. then the next time I played minecraft forge it crashed.but that was a wile ago so I don’t know if it has changed

  • SpingTrap47

    this is for the atlanric craft. I love your map but I cant find it in the file. I will give it another try

  • SpingTrap47

    I have the mod but first time I did not work

  • dekua

    do i need to install java

  • dekua

    cause java is no working

  • dekua

    typo not

  • dekua

    it is so confusing

  • dekua

    please respon

  • dekua

    well i was try in for 25 days and i dont know what im doing

  • dekua

    typo trying

  • dekua

    when crazy craft 3.0 coming

  • SpingTrap47

    help I cant find it in my files

  • The Crazy Runner

    wow awesome map and mod

  • Jason

    How do i download other maps and could you guys pls make parkour maps.

    • caleb

      how do you get mod and map

  • joshuabump9123

    i really don’t like the fact that noone can make a video on this amazing map, when i saw this map in your videos i was waiting for its release so i could do a video on it, but then i see that noone can make a video on it and i got really mad.

  • TheTsunami Craft

    For u. Uh man I really wanted a video showing this map well…l the map I awesome!


  • levi rauth

    can i please make a video if i mention you guys

  • nathan

    The map wont download i clicked download the installer and nothing happend:(

  • awesomedragster titan

    can we get the map with the escape from freddy’s add ons

  • PigZapper

    It doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried it several times. I’ve tried downloading it to default location. It’s not in the .minecraft saves folder. I’ve tried installing it to my profile and I was using 1.7.10. Doesn’t work. No matter what I do, I cannot find it in the saves folder!

  • Tristen

    If you have problems downloading this,you probably don’t know what to do

  • Tristen

    But hey,I might be wrong wrong

  • shartoga the gamerlord

    i see the folder in my saves but not ingame is my com. derping?

  • Derpy

    Please I can use your map in a minecraft film?, I Will give you credit

    • Snowy

      Your not allowed

    • Candi banta

      i want modd and map

  • Doctorwho1965

    How do you download the map there’s no link, because, when I click download installer, it just brings me to to the top?

  • Candi banta


  • Helps meh

    How do i de install the mod

  • SNOOP_DOG_420 Recomended for y

    Do you spawn in a village by any chance????

  • Tom Frechin

    quand j’ai tuer un animatronique sa ma mis des message du genre : oh god, you die … s’il vous plait aider moi

  • Gavin


  • Gavin

    TheAtlanticCraft I have wacht alot of your videos incloding the one with Tiny Turtle also I have wached alot his videos as well.

  • Mrheadtaker

    you really should add security cameras they would really be awesome
    also if you could create and idling mode for them at day so they are peaceful at day and do a dance or something and at night they go evil that would be cool aswel

  • caleb

    how do you download the map and the mod p.s. I am a big fan and p.s.s why cant we do vids on this

  • caleb

    if you can help thank you so much

  • MrFancyGuy

    i downloaded the installer and im on the map but the mod is no where to be found?

  • Brendan Clark

    where is the modpack

  • Maria Lopez

    How come we can’t use the map in videos?

  • Charlie Bell


  • cairon de jusus da silva

    as register naked crazy craft 3.0

  • merdan

    of ye


    ??? Really. Mod installer?

  • Michael

    I Try Clicking The Play Button On The launcher and It has A x when its done I have java 8,64-Bit Computer I even Spent my Birthday Trying To Do This! I Also Followed all The Rules, I Reinstal it
    Can I get Some Assist?

  • KRBoss

    can you make a five nights at freddy’s 3 map please

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      we dont have an updated map

      • KRBoss

        Omg u responded that is awesome

      • Mr. Wombat

        Can you PLEASE make a Five Nights at Freddy’s modpack?

  • Nicholas

    for anyone that doesn’t see the install I know how to fix it. Delete the world called fnaf that you have then reinstall it. Then look in saves folder

  • anthony

    make nightmare fredbear

  • Girly101

    OMG! I’m so excited to play!

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      wooh enjoy!

      • EnderWarrior228

        Atlanticraft can i eat cody he look yummy

  • Melathor

    What am i missing? I hit the download installer, i use the installer to install. It shows up as a file in my saves folder. But how do i play the world? Im using the Voidlauncher. But the world doesnt show up in my worlds.

    • Melathor

      Update. I managed to get a little farther, i found the .voidswrath folder and put the FNAF file into that save folder. And the world loaded, but something is missing cause a lot of blocks are gone. It also spawned a castle structure in the middle of the map, which defiantly doesn’t belong. I am getting a “divineRPG failed to connect” when the world loads

  • ImNiK

    Can i use it in my video, with monetization, but with link to this page?

  • Fantasies Crew

    Wait this isn’t a map download ;-; I CRI

  • Zittle Dalekborn

    we can use it but get in trouble if we use it. I’ll make my own then. to risky for me. It’s still an awesome map!!! But too risky!

  • Krittin

    Can This Be Installed On Mac?

  • GameGuy123

    i Like The Map But i Discovered That The Building Is Builded In A Small Part Of The Imperial City Map

  • Isaac Myrum

    are there more then one mod that you have to install to make this map work,? because i’m pretty sure I saw some modded arcade games in the review of this map.

    • TWDfan5749

      yea there is. The arcades are the penny arcade mod, and some other stuff is malisis doors and deco craft 2

  • justinthegamer33

    is this the map and mod?

    • TWDfan5749


  • Kaleb

    I don’t have a mod folder how can I get one

    • Analia Vignola

      install forge if you still not have a mod folder in your .minecraft folder create one

  • Kitkat Gaming

    Hey, Um my map downloaded but the mod didn’t, is it because i have to download them separately?

    • Kitkat Gaming

      oh hold on, never mind aha sorry……

  • Mr. Wombat

    I put the download in my saves, but when I went to minecraft it wasn’t in my worlds.

  • Colleen

    Where’s the .zip folder?

  • SM+

    Well there is no folder how am ı gonna open it?!

  • TWDfan5749

    How do I play the map?

  • Godzilla Fan2019

    it wont work how ?

  • OneilNissanSlimeKing 123


  • supercreeper

    how can i download this? it can only download the installer

  • TheGrayDude

    Why can’t I make youtube videos with the map? I can put your channel in it.

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      No you can’t monetize by reuploading the mod to another website. We updated the rules to make more since. Just credit us

      • TheGrayDude

        omg I <3 you guys

  • Dio “DIO” Brando

    How do I install this? Do I have to click Download Installer?

  • Analia Vignola

    this guy is monetizating a video with this map report it

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      we updated our rules. You can monetize just credit us