[1.7.10] Maze Runner Challenge Map!

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You have arrived in a glade at the center of a giant labyrinth. Like the other youths dumped there before you, you has no memory of his previous life. You must quickly gather your senses and find away out of the maze before the grievers take you out.



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Installer Download links

Java Auto Installer [1.7.10] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.JAR)
Java Auto Installer [1.7.10] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.EXE)



Download Instructions

We give you the mod folder inside a .zip..Do not redistribute this on any other site or monetize it in anyway

1. Hit download
2. Find download and open it up
3. Go to your .minecraft folder
4. Go to your saves folder
5. Drag the folder inside the .zip into your saves folder
6. Make sure your using 1.7.10
7. Enjoy!

  • seanmoneda

    O_O wow awesome its awesome can’t wait to see how this map will take to get me killed :3 thumbs up for another awesome map

  • Snowy

    Please add Crazy Craft 2.0 map for download

  • raghav jindal

    Is the maze challenge a new/different modpack? or is it a modpack already on the voidlauncher/void website? if it is a modpack can you guys please make it avalible for us to play? it would be awesome

    • Liam Savage

      it is a modpack in the map

  • MikeyEye

    wy it dosent have mods??

    • Stuart Roy Robert Ferguson

      u need to install the mods urself

  • Gabe Haddock

    How do you get it installed for some reason i cant

  • Tommy Thompson

    Hey guys is their a mod i need to get?

  • Tommy Thompson

    or any modpacks?

  • AndreiHD

    not work

    • Scott Helmich

      just put your skype online? very very smart bro

  • EtherMC

    What are the mods that you need for the modpack?

  • MadDocGhazgul

    When i try to download it to a different place it says i need to lauch vanilla minecraft once but ive already done that can someone help me

    • elijah

      how do i get it

  • Fake_Max_Power

    It doesn’t let me create the map

  • Sean Davis

    I can generate the map but how do i get the mods?

  • elijah

    what is the download pass

  • Cr3atureCraft190

    TheAtlanticCraft your instructions are so complicated :'( I jst rlly wanna play ur kwl mods and modpacks grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • kort

    like i got the map but the mods in it are not in it like inside the ground is flat for me and no mobzilla
    is there anything i can get to get those things in there

  • kort

    just email me the answer

  • kort

    also all of the traps & mods

  • kort

    i ment mobs

  • Hobbogam3r


  • Hobbogam3r

    i liked that movie

  • 1ts_Just_J1mmy

    mine isn’t working I hit install on the installer after selecting 1.7.10 and it went directly into my saves, but when I go into minecraft 1.7.10 it doesn’t show up in my single player games (as its own game).

  • Taylor James

    it says incorrect jar file
    help (please, cause i’m that nice)

  • Taylor James

    how do you get the mods?
    i want a real assistant to a answer me please

  • ZelusisGodly

    Where the hell is the folder

  • KRBoss

    i did not get the map i downloaded it and looked everywhere in my computer for (not literally) please fix this i really want too try a maze challenge map

    • Scott Helmich

      its in your saves folder

  • KRBoss

    It gives me the map as a .rar not a .zip please fix this ps superchikens are magestical

  • Scott Helmich

    i dont have the mods folder when i donwload how do i fix this?

  • Ethan

    Doesn’t work. The download will not show up in .minecraft

    According to the comments this whole thing doesn’t even work, this is all fake T_T

  • Blazer4052

    how do you actually play the modpack?

  • Blazer4052

    like where is the download button?

  • Blazer4052

    How do you actually get the map

    • joshuaJBR

      i want to know this aswell

  • dingupboy

    do u need mods or is it just a roleplay map?

  • http://www.pointlesssites.com/ dingupboy

    i like chicken

  • raihan janitra

    raihan janitra

  • Darren Safranski

    this might be a dumb question but can you make a youtube video of this if you don’t monetize it??

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      You can sure thank you for asking

      • Zachary

        the Atlantic craft I just got a laptop and I really love watching you play hello neighbor whos your daddy and I really love your youtube

      • Zachary

        how do you download crazy craft atlantic

  • joshuaJBR

    how come it dosnt download as a zip

  • Deadzombies05

    What’s the name of the mod you used for the thirst and temp?

  • MasterGamerGMG

    if i see one of you subscribe to my channel i will make a tutorial on how to get then modpack!!!

    • lemonclamchowder

      tell me da mods plz

  • RiBeasT

    Whats The Thirst mod that they are using?

  • Anonpie _

    Need help downloading map and mod

  • lemonclamchowder

    what were the mods they were using? i comment on this with my old account when it came out but i think it didnt came threw so i was wondering what mods the used?