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This mod has approximately 32 different combinations of trigger and effect, with up to 5 effects possible per item, for an astounding 24,165,120 (approx) different items before enchantments are applied! Each one will have its own unique name (generated based on its effects) and icon (chosen from a pool of 36 with a randomized color). And it all works using a single Item ID (how’s that for clever use of NBT data tags?).

These items will generate commonly in jungle temples and pyramids, uncommonly in strongholds, and rarely in blacksmith chests. Durability is based on material, except for diamond, all artifacts are ~2 times as durable as vanilla items of the same material (except for diamond, which is 1/3rd).

Not all of them will be useful, but some of them can be hilariously fun


Config Options
Config options are available to shorten the names. By default all qualifier adjectives are turned on, but they can be disabled individually (enchantment, material, and effect–effect will turn on/off both the pre and post adjectives). You may wish to disable some of these, as very long names make it hard to see the full item description window in some inventory slots.
Another config option will turn on the rendering of item names on display pedestals. By default this is off, as it has the potential to be laggy (basing this on Mystcraft).
Config options for various parts of world-generation. By default these are enabled and add various trap hazards to vanilla’s Scattered Features (pyramids, temples, strongholds, wizard’s towers) as well as “quicksand lakes.”
Additionally if you don’t like the Antibuilders, you can prevent worldgen from creating them by setting UseAntibuilders to false.
Item and block ID configs also available (as one would expect of a mod these days).

Compatible Mods
While all Forge and ModLoader mods will load along side Artifacts, this list is for those mods that have a special programatic relationship with Artifacts.

Mystcraft – By default, wizard towers will generate in Mystcraft ages (following the usual biome restrictions) and will generate traps in Mystcraft’s abandoned libraries
Plunder Rummage – Adds artifacts to the loot tables via plugin above.
Thaumcraft 4 – Wizard towers will generate in Magic Forest biomes
Baubles – If Baubles is installed, some artifact types can go into Baubles’ equipment slots.

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Download Instructions

We have a custom auto installer program that automatically installs the mods you want to either your vanilla minecraft or one of our mod packs with the same minecraft version!

1. Hit download
2. Find download and hit run
3. Select which directory you wish to install it to
4. Hit Install after your selection
5. Run corresponding Mod Pack you installed to or vanilla minecraft!
6. If using vanilla Minecraft launcher make sure to have the latest version of forge! DOWNLOAD
7. Load your minecraft launcher and select edit profile
8. Select the drop down tab use version and find the forge version you installed
9. Hit save profile and have fun.