[1.8.7] Rocket League In Minecraft (MAP)

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Minecraft gets a brand new vanilla minigame! Rocket League in Minecraft! This game mode allows you to drive cars and play soccer just like in the game Rocket League! Control a car to play soccer! Based off of ‘Rocket League’! Play the epic Rocket League in Minecraft with friends! It is recommended to play with MrGarretto’s official resource pack which is provided in the downloads section of this thread. Challenge and humiliate your friends with your amazing Rocket League Skills!

Click to Download Installer

Installer Download links

Java Auto Installer [1.8.7] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.JAR)
Java Auto Installer [1.8.7] v1.0 : CLICK HERE (.EXE)

            Resource Pack: CLICK HERE



Download Instructions

1. Hit download
2. Find download and open it up
3. Run the Installer
4. The Installer will automatically add the world save to your saves folder
5. Check your saves folder to insure the world was added
6. Make sure your using 1.8.7
7. Enjoy!

  • ronanmale

    this game rocks

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      yeah it does!

      • Sauron_the_Dark

        Cody or Joe I would like to do vids with you if it can or can’t email me saying I can’t or can.

      • Mr Garretto

        Please do not re-upload any of my creations, but instead link to my actual site which supplies all downloads and information needed for anyone who wants to use something: http://mrgarretto.com. Re-uploads such as this (not just of my creations, but for anyone’s) are pointless, and only steals ad revenue from the original creators of any of these creators. Thank you for understanding.

  • http://paolo-trombini.it itpao25

    To install it with spigot (server) need only to load the map?
    The game does not start using the server.

  • Xavier Rich

    i just istalled minecraft rocket league