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The Five Nights at Freddy’s World mod is extremely beta and we wanted to show you what we had so far. The voids wrath team has been working countless hours on it and we finally have a good test version to present to the community. FNAF World is supposed to be an RPG experience where you play as your favorite FNAF character and go around encountering classic RPG battles. We have had our modelers make up a wide array of characters and we have coded in at least half of them thus far. We plan to make all the mobs scene in the video playable.


We need your suggestions as to how we should precede with the gameplay and what you want to see in the game! A forum discussion will be coming up soon for now use the video or the disgus section below!



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  • TheAtlanticCraft

    Thank you guys for checking this out! Any suggestions let us know I will be making a forum post soon.

    • Charls Dave Recto

      can you make yourself an animatronic?
      not like the other fnaf mod you did but like the fnaf world animatronic.

  • Jon Smitty

    Cant wait for the download!

  • Mark XX

    For the animation make his there arms go up when the pick you up. For AI make it so they will team up or something like that

  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG0jEJbWj35y7PfbpqA9GcQ Cruster Gamings

    Add the new haloween addition Nightmare Bonnie and Chica!

  • Gellert Kozar

    Will put the plushies into the mod and shadow Freddy:he is purle

  • Gellert Kozar

    Put baloon girl she’s in the top left corner in the middle of the freddys:she has purple eyes purple cheaks and nose

  • Gellert Kozar

    Put shadow Freddy: Purple freddy

  • Gellert Kozar

    Put springtrap in good condition version as well:no ripped parts only a full yellow suit

  • Gellert Kozar

    Put all the nightmare animatronics

  • Gellert Kozar

    Here’s springtrap in good condition in a minigame in fnaf

  • Gellert Kozar

    For the animatronics make them so when they attack you they lift you up and the start eating your head so that your in there mouth and make mangle ripped apart and make her move on the selling and make the animatronics walk so they lift up there leg and put it down and make sounds for when they move and if you could can you set animatronics to play on drums gitars and sing

  • Stefan Tomus

    Repair Withered Foxy

  • charlie tanner

    You should find ores and the cooler the amitronic the harder to find also plaese please please update your other mod its amazing amazing amazing

  • Jaffa Cube

    I think you should be able to play as the characters and if you go into a mob you go into battle with them

  • TheShadowGamer121202

    My suggestions:
    1. Please make the character a bit friendly, like tamable or something
    2. Remove the static. Seriously, remove it, it’s really annoying and hurt my eyes
    3. Make a combat system, like a RPG battle where you and your friend can make a group and battle other group
    4. Make it so we can play as the characters
    5. Can you make it so if you bump into a character, it may battle you and that kinda stuff
    That’s my suggestions for now, thank you for reading

  • XxradpandaxX

    where is the download icon.plz help me as fast as you can 😀

  • FredbearFNAF

    You should make Nightmare Fredbear (that’s the black Freddy but all yellow, it’s basically Fredbear and Nightmare (Black Freddy) combined). You should also make Spring Bonnie (just re-model Toy Bonnie but no blushes.) if you guys reply, I’ll be SOOOOO happy!!!!

  • _Nightmare_

    repairs usual foxy and put the old foxy because the other was not the old foxy foxy that was the nightmare see this photo here:

  • _Nightmare_

    you forgot the golden bonnie and cupcake chica nightmare and shadow bonnie

    the old chica, old freddy and the old foxy and the old bonnie normal bonnie and normal normal freddy and normal chica

  • _Nightmare_

    you forgot the golden bonnie and cupcake chica nightmare and shadow bonnie

    the old girl, old freddy and the old foxy and the old bonnie normal bonnie, normal freddy and normal chica

    • FredbearFNAF

      Who’s the old girl? Old Chica?

  • golden bonnie gameplays y mas

    download pls

  • Dyldoc12

    hey atlantic craft here is the fnaf world trailer link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsaXgePC2No it will give your modders a better look at some of the animatronics as well as this link http://www.indiedb.com/games/fnaf-world then click the screens that should help the modders a little bit better then the pic

    • Foxy the pirate

      i love the part where mangle is playing with a paddle and ball XD

  • http://www.needcoolshoes.com/user/Tharurad Tharurad

    By the way, Just for some help on the names, “Black Angry Freddy” Is Nightmare.
    Angry Freddy was supposed to be Nightmare freddy, But it’s based on the steam FNAF4 image, So it’s not accurate, But i can’t make a mod like that plus it’s work in progress, So i’m not the one to say it’s bad.
    You also might want to (When it’s done, Take all your time though) give the person using the morph a choice to jumpscare someone in front of them. ( I mean it’s just a suggestion, Not like you *NEED* to add it) Oh and also, I’ve seen people try to make the phantoms and they just put a lot of black dust on they’re model-Not like it’s that bad, But don’t make that mistake. They have black lines all over them, but so far, YOU’RE MOD IS GREAT! 😀

  • luigis mansion

    the download link wont work for me

  • KoxerGaming

    Please download or delete mod :'(

    • Ninjadesertcat


  • Foxy the pirate

    please add an installer for this it would be awesome

  • Nina Mia Torres

    Toy Chica looks like Dora because of her eyes, why are there 2 Toy Foxys? One with one eye missing and the other with both eyes. And its only been one month and you never finished, by the way, good luck!

  • Nina Mia Torres

    Everyone in the mod looks like Dora except for the Foxys and the Mangles.

  • HELP!

    I wouldn’t focus on Who’s Your Daddy… But rather on this here mod. But no, really when will the download be ready? People are getting impatient…

  • BenGames

    plzzz download plzzz

  • Dinosaurs, Giraffes, And MORE!

    Guys, how about add an animation to them and they move around. In the config, make it that there always aggressive or peaceful or neutral. Last thing, glowing eyes.

  • Ruby Rivera


  • Ruby Rivera


  • Puppetio Gamer

    So yeah 6 mounths of waiting…

  • Cooper

    hurry and complte it fnaf world update2 is out

    • Cooper


  • Cooper


  • Cooper


  • Cooper


  • Cooper


  • Puppetio Gamer

    Okay 4 mouths of waiting.

    • Cooper

      i guss we have to wait

    • Cooper


  • Louis Currie

    great job guys

  • joshua

    you should make bosses and do missions for Freddy to get armor so you can be them and each one has its own ability

  • Puppetio Gamer

    Okay…FNaF Sister Location is coming out this fall,Still not released.

  • Jon Smitty

    Rich is awesome

  • BonnieMinecrafter123


  • Jackthegameboy

    please give us the mod its been 8 months now 10000000 alantians are waiting

  • Puppetio Gamer

    I think they left the mod ;(

  • twist_trap

    hey cody can u make it to where your other fnaf updated mode can not attack you when you transform with this mod

  • SimZaza

    Download the mod!