NEW Mod Pack Release: Crazy Minecraft!

Hey everyone Cody here and we are very excited to add a new mod pack to our launcher. As I talked about the launcher will only receive minimal support as it is no longer our main focus. You can read more about it here. We did have a burst of energy to push out a new mod pack we are playing on our youtube channels and that mod pack is called Crazy Minecraft!

What is Crazy Minecraft?

Crazy Minecraft is a combination of all our previous great mod packs crazy craft, jurassic craft and voids wrath! It provides a sense of adventure, craziness and there are several ways to recreate your own animal park! This mod pack is 1.7.10 and has over 20+ dimensions, 500+ mobs and thousands of different paths you can take.

Do you think my computer can run it?

It is a very rough mod pack to run and we have tried our best to optimize it from our youtube series. It is highly recommended for users with high end PC’s and more than 8 GB of ram. We also recommend you play the mod pack on a server rather than singleplayer, however we realize not everyone has the ability to buy access to a server. We did remove a few mods from the youtube series, so that this mod pack may be available to a wider range of people due to the shear size of it. The List of Mods can be found down below.

Will there be updates after this release?

There will be several updates to this mod pack and maybe even the launcher if there are unplayable things. Please post any launcher or mod pack issues here

  • Shaded Penguin

    how do u download it

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      I will do a guide

  • Ethan Devulder

    I cant play it cause im 9N ipad and the computer that is For me and My sisters and My brother we dont have minecraft onnut and it also doesent has alot of space so I wish I had an pc formyself with minecraft and roblox

  • EvasiveSaturn89
  • James Stack

    Wait is it on the launcher???

    • EvasiveSaturn89


  • MikeBaqain

    did this modpack just got uploaded yesterday night?
    or created yesterdy night?

  • Spyro91republicdragonkight DUS

    hi im new here and I try to downlod the mod pack but it keeps frexing and crashing please fix this proplum before you test it thank you

  • gamingwith ayden

    i try to load in the world and at first it crashes and then i reload the pack and the world wont load

    • gamingwith ayden

      never mind i am able to get the world

  • Lucas Hinojosa

    is there a server??

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      just a private one for recording

  • gamingbutter

    i try’d launching the modpack but when it says launching minecraft it stops working i try’d to play crazy craft 3.0 and the same issue

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      add more ram

  • TheAtlanticCraft

    A guide will be coming out soon! However if you want a quick fix attempt from me…just try adding more ram in the top right of your launcher its a little cog wheel.

    • Javed Brathwaite

      Hey, managed to get the modpack working mostly flawlessly. However, I am suffering a really bad FPS stutter which I believe is due to a lack of memory (at least thats what I gathered so far). However in the void launcher, I can’t add more that 4 gigs of RAM without it resetting. Any fix?

    • Seth_Ultra_Gamer

      How much ram do you suggest I add cody?

    • PurplePenguin941

      I tried adding more ram in the options of the launcher but every time I load my game and check back into the options in the laucher the max is set back to 4096 mb and my game is lagging. My computer has 16 Gb ram so I am confused onto how I add more ram.

  • smelly

    yohh everytime i try to play it, its incredibly stuttery (like to an unplayable level) I have allocatted a ton of ram to it but im pretty sure the problem is not with that. I found out that while i was playing my gpu would randomly dip in MHz. Any idea whats the problem?

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      As I stated the mod pack is very intensive. I recommend only playing on a server. You can try running without arcana rpg.

  • SSkimatix sskimatix

    it still super lagging every time when i load a world it keeps Freezing

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      yeah that is the problem. Try creating a server and playing off that instead of singleplayer. Or try removing arcana rpg

      • SSkimatix sskimatix

        i can’t creating a server because my WiFi is only limited to 100 gb

      • SSkimatix sskimatix

        but arcana rpg adds boss

  • SSkimatix sskimatix

    also my fps drops for 173 to 0

  • SSkimatix sskimatix
  • SSkimatix sskimatix

    i have over 275 fps and i am still lagging

  • SSkimatix sskimatix

    Cody dose the modpack server work?

  • Seth_Ultra_Gamer

    how do I get the crazy Minecraft to work, I really want to see what the mudpack is about, but when I load game its stuck on loading screen, after I create new world. Please help me TheAtlanticCraft, I create world but when I select play world or something around those lines, I’m stuck on the loading screen

    • Harry Jenkin

      Try reinstalling the modpack

  • skalog lendgeey

    hey when i get the void launcher and play crazy minecraft when i load my world it crashing at world loading screen pls someone help me.

  • Jkdude

    Hey, I know my computer can’t run all these mods at once, so I want to use them one at a time, and I would like to know which mod is the one where you can crawl and put your hands in the air and stuff.

  • willsb#7303

    How do you create a sevrer and is their a officail server for this modpack

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      there is no official server. For the server files go to the mod packs page of the website

  • Peter Fay

    Is this the “CrazierCraft” modpack that is currently being played by Yammy, Lauren, and other MC YouTubers?

    • TheAtlanticCraft


  • reenbola

    this is complete bullshit. I’ve added around 5,900 ram to the launcher so I can actually LOAD THE WORLD.. and it loads. I made sure before loading that I have all of my options to make it so I can run the game. Tried VSync, in the middle, and even MAX FPS to make sure I never lagged. I lagged anyway. At max fps, i got almost 1k fps, and then after like 10 seconds of walking around – lag for a minute. Once that clears, i try messing with the settings again. same issue. I have a very high-end computer (as stated that’s what’s NEEDED TO RUN THIS MODPACK), and my specs are; Intel Core 17-7700K CPU, 4 Cores, 4.20GHz, 4200 Mhz, 8 Logical Processors.

    If you have any help for me, I’d love to play this modpack, but as of right now it’s impossible.

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      we have optimized the mod pack. We found some issues

  • cookiefireman

    voidwrath is kinda dead

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      well we stopped updating. However we are starting again.

  • Just a random guy

    you guys need to start using newer versions, using 1.7 in 2018 and still in 2019LMAO

  • Linus Englund

    everything is riged it wont open minecraft wen i press play

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