Avatar Craft [WIP]

The Avatar Server is work in progress and we have been having a team of developers working together to prepare the server! We have had an entire map made replicating the avatar universe! The map was made by hyperscale and we included various citys like ba sing se, republic city, and even the fire nation capital! You will spawn in republic city where you will choice the element you want to join. After choosing your nation you will be brought to your nations capital where you have things like blacksmiths, banks, and shops all around! You can explore the world to find chests to gather supplies. You also can create your own tribe by creating an island and expanding it as you go! There will be a war period where an avatar is chosen from one of the nations. This nation will be under siege from all the other nations till the avatar is dead! If you have any suggestions please comment down below!

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  • ChaoZ

    i have a idea for the server.
    So, when you start playing, and t.e.x choosing the element water, then you start with the ability Watermanipulation. and if you want to get a new ability, you need to level up by killing mobs (Blazes gives you most XP)
    there is a server called benderscraft, im playing on it everyday! and it is a super-cool system. You guys need to check it out.
    And if you guys want, i can code to you guys new abilities, like ”LavaSpout”
    or stuff like that.

  • Andy_Cool05

    Your server says Cannot connect to server.

    • RedTech05

      Its work in progress, not finish.

  • monkeymoo36

    when does this come out

  • MrFazz


  • pallpall

    ip: kgcraft.csrv.pl
    Server Wojny magów+frakcje
    Miła administracja
    Zapraszamy :)

  • antal

    how do i join

  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shadrach

    That looks awesome, I think that this will be the second best server ever, first being minecade…

  • rockysky

    im soooo exetied

  • crushen


  • crushen

    go fire nation

  • Ethan

    dont make it so you pay money to switch elements

  • TheBatTiger

    Hello Cody and Joe Im here to tell you guys that when you install ProjectKorra Don’t frogeth to install Jedcore.Good luck for you’re server.

  • Xander

    You should name one Xander

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Who has crazy craft

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    I have mine craft pe on I pad

  • Aaron Rodriguez

    Who has mine craft on there I pad

  • Борис Александров

    how to join in

  • disqus_eY2DfahPfW

    Will theyre be nation specific pets like, dragons for fire nation andsky bison for air and such forth

  • TheFirstMinecraftEMpire

    when will it be active?

  • JC Rmc

    will you be adding energy benders as well? and non-benders?

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