Clash of Clans Nations [LIVE]

The Clash of Clans Nations server is all about gathering rescources, expanding your kingdom, hiring soldiers and raiding other islands! When you first join the server you will pick from 1 of 4 nations. They have different perks and these people will be your friends however people in your nations can also attack you so watch who your friends are! When you choose your nation you are brought do your nations unique capital! Thecapital is your home it has stores, bank and blacksmiths! Once your earn enough resources and money you can purchase yourself and island by doing /island! This is where you will make your home. You can expand your island after earning money by doing /expand on the edge of your island. You can make a 5×5 island when you finally finish your kingdom! Once every hour there is a wartime period where you can raid other nations islands and you can get teleported to a random nation and wage war!

Command Tutorial

1. /nations leave – This will reset your nation but can’t use after creating island
2. /capital – This will teleport you to your nations unique capital
3. /island – This will create an island for the player
4. /nations guest add (player) – This will add guests to have access to your island
5. /nations guest remove (player) – This will remove guests from your island
6. /shop – This will open up our rescource and weapons shop!
7. /balance
– This will check your players balance
8. /buy – This will bring you to our donation store

How To Join

1. Launch Vanilla Minecraft
2. Select latest version of minecraft (1.8)
3. Go to multiplayer and join the IP (
4. Enjoy!



Clash of Clans 2.0 Rehaul! January 1st

The Clash of Clans server has be rehauled and revamped fixing some long recurring bugs! With this rehaul the entire server has been reset and there has been the addition of some insane new features! Raiding has been totally rehauled and makes for and amazing new experience!

– Raiding Rehaul brand new system for raiding
– New Turrets – Turrets were removed in nations 1.0 but have been fixed for nations 2.0
– Guardian – Guardians are placed in your island to defend it for you while you are gone!
– New Spawn – We have redone the spawn and no longer are there 3 different servers there is one server for everyone!
– Reset – All stats, weapons, and islands have been reset to make these new fixes come into effect!

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      • TheAtlanticCraft

        fight me

    • FireCody2

      lets build my obsidian castle

    • ACE Aidan

      why did you give a fake ip!? the real ip is!

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    hi ya cody i m coming here

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    lets play #TheCodyMaverick

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    Hi guys FUCK CODY AND JOEBUZZ there are some little gay kids there dont have a life or friends PS THERE ARE GAYYYYYYY

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    cody T_T

  • anthony

    it wont let me join any server :(

  • minertwins2000

    How do you delete an island… Mine is glitched and i can’t build :-( I’m really upset and please tell me! Well at least add a way! Its glitched because I joined at the day 2.0 was released and people kept joining and leaving my island and that made it glitch!

  • lily

    my guardian keeps on glitching and multipluy plz fix this

  • Eclipse

    The Server kicks me when i press the raid button and then says i raided and have to wait 7 minutes
    anyone know if its a bug or something i can fix

  • Justin C Ohman

    Won’t let me join server it says could not connect even though I have a good internet connection can someone please explain why this is happening

  • kiara 115

    i love the game

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  • guig37

    says it can not connect to server

  • as

    says unknown host

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    me too

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    it is not working

  • monkeymoo36

    the sever address is not

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    cody heeeeeelllllllpppp wuts the server name i want to play

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    #clash of clans vs crazy craft!!!!

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    the ip does not work for me

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    the server doesnt work

    • craig

      same prob

  • Wyatt Anderson

    dosent work for me. It says “cant resolve host name”

  • ACE Aidan

    The ip is

  • ACE Aidan

    This server would be cool, if it isn’t a big fake

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      server is down for maintenance what is your issue man

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      • brayden

        when is it coming back its been in matinence for ages

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  • TheAtlanticCraft

    Updated the old IP. However the server is still down for maintenance

  • cj_carlson

    the TheAtlanticCraft I love you guys your awesome but I cant get onto the crazycraft server

  • caroana

    when is going to be finish

  • Shreya Kodali

    Is this going to be similar to the app Clash of clans

  • Shreya Kodali

    Atlantic craft I can’t get any of your modded servers

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  • Hammertime4

    if you could answer that would be awesome not to be rude

  • Alex

    i would of loved to to play this, it sounds amazing, but i guess its on going to be on maintenance forever

    • FelixPlayzMC :D

      ikr i hate this

  • craig

    i cant join said it cant resolve hostname

    • Bret Curtis

      Yeah I really want to play but it says Can’t Resolve Hostname

    • TheRealIronGamesXXL

      the new ip is

  • AndonPickles

    tried to join wouldn’t work i played it a month or two ago its really not fun you don’t start with a island=(

  • AndonPickles

    i really dislike this server when i watched the vids it looked cool when i got on it was lame

  • AndonPickles

    i know i got lots of comments but who cares

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    it says that you need to be white listed to join

  • DerpyPengu

    its whitelisted

  • miner 123456789101111

    it says im not white listed is it under maintenance

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  • Herobrine 2.0

    What is the new ip address.

  • alex

    I cant join

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    Come On!!! Can’t Play The Game And I’ve Been Waiting Forever Just For It To Play It And Still Nothing!#Srrsly

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    What do I do to get crazycraft 3.0

  • SecretPlaysMC

    is it still down for maintaince?

  • Linda

    Clash of clans yeaaah :)

  • Joshua Kim

    how can you create turrets now?

  • Rockoxe

    I was just minding my own business on the server, asking people a question multiple times because I was new, then I got banned for “Reason: lol,” may a moderator please look into this? My user is “Rockoxe,” and I was really enjoying the game. It saddens me that I was banned for no reason whatsoever, and I really want to play :(

  • TheRealIronGamesXXL

    How can i leave my nation?

  • help

    how can i add friend to my island

  • Maisen Dupuy

    you should make a way to change nations

  • AnimeLover2025

    What are the four different nations?

  • The Master Gamers

    for some reason the IP is still broke WHY?!

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  • Blake Findlay

    how come the server dont work?

  • Aidan Bailey

    Yay! It works! Not the one shown, the one that’s

  • Benjamen Alan Mark Woodcock

    This server has been abandoned

  • Kain Plays Pub G and Last Day

    Hey Cody quick question if I have the android edition can I join the servers or not???

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