Crazy Craft 2.2 [LIVE]

The Crazy Craft server is all about craziness! You will join either our survival server, factions server or sky wars servers! Take down bosses, dungeons and even get the chance to do this all with your best friend in this wacky mod pack! There are over 30 bosses in this mod pack and along with that there are some amazing weapons and tools like hoverboards! Whether your playing factions or survival this server will amaze you. At spawn there is an npc bank, npc shop and even some mob spawners to get some easy vanilla minecraft loot! Our skywars server is 100% unique and has some amazing custom maps with modded items in the chest and even get the chance to make yourself a big bertha in one of the skywars maps!

Command Tutorial

1. /spawn – Teleports you to the alleyway where you are safe!
2. /shop – Gives access to the servers shop
3. /f join (faction name) – Join a friends faction!
4. /tpa – This will teleport you to other players on the server
5. /balance – This will check your players balance
6. /buy – This will bring you to our donation store

How To Join

1. Download the Launcher
2. Unzip the java program from the winrar file
3. Click the void launcher program and load it up
4. Go to the Mod packs tab and find Crazy Craft 2.2
5. Load the mod pack up and hit the official server button
6. Enjoy!



New Staff Applications Open January 4th

Signup to be Staff we are looking for some new Candidates!

– Over Age of 13
– Knowledgeable of server
– Mature
– Respectful

Server Fixes January 4th

– Fixed Buycraft Spelling Mistakes in some Packages
– Fixed Survival 3 spawners in spawn overflowing
– Fixed Factions 3 spawners in spawn overflowing
– Fixed Broken Blocks around spawn


  • osczilla

    no fair i cant install void launcher what crap

    • Quinton Pretorius

      jou need 64bid pc

  • Quinton Pretorus

    wat is joe or codys email I need to take to them
    about n newe server for them

    • Fireninja109

      I think they might have their email’s in their video’s description if not only they can tell you. Which is very unlikely.

  • spiderman

    how do i play minecraft with you

  • spiderman


  • Quinton Pretorius

    jou need I server I don`t have one

  • bryson donison


  • yeshua ferrer

    how many mods are in crazy craft? 2.2

  • Ben

    How can i download the crazy craft server so only i can play?

  • Helen Beaton Soon Baylis

    I really need help, I cant sethome or anything. im playing a single game at the mo

  • Cobra Gamers

    hey im just wondering how best to start playing

  • Galaxy Goliath

    i can’t even figure out how to get Crazy craft :-:

  • Lovely Kittens


  • Lovely Kittens

    How to get crazy craft!!
    Frist you lauch voids warth then you click crazycraft then you click PLAY!!!!
    SO EASY!!!

  • GamerGuy649

    anyway i can use this with TechnicLauncher?

    • TheAtlanticCraft


      • macallan b

        Cody ,Joe please can you update your crazy craft server so I can play on it.
        I’m your biggest fan.
        My minecraft gamer tag is macallanbxy.

  • jakie

    After 5 mins crazy craft shouts down by its self! WHY?

    • Seth

      Me too.

  • john

    Please make a dream craft episode 99 and how do you play it says play free now and I
    T does nothing.

  • gruff

    help it dose not worck

    • Adam Glover

      Bad Grammer :0

      • Zonnoser

        Ironic considering it’s grammar not grammer.

  • Shreya Kodali

    Um how do we install the mod pack?

  • Lilly campbell


  • Jake

    Omg I cant play this is unfair when do we need to do to play cc

  • fedfgf

    crizy craft loke amizen

  • Kirsten

    Do you need to pay to play?

    • macallan b


  • morph suit gamers


  • dad

    yo :)

  • dad


  • Adam


  • Kieran Reed

    whats the ip address
    and how do u get dream craft


    i love

  • patrick

    I love crazy craft

  • aedan carson


  • logan

    I what to it and I download it and I am at the java part I am sooo confused

  • logan

    I went to it and I downloaded it and and I am so confused of the java part

  • nles12345

    I was just in the lobby it was full of lava and i was banned for breaking the rules?
    What happened

  • matt1876

    the crazy craft 2.2 server isn’t working

  • matt1876

    why doesn’t cc server work?

  • Zach Wilson

    is the crazy craft server for crazycraft 3

  • theblockmanxD

    help me please.

  • game

    how to download plese tell me i want to play want to raft big bertra

  • BranDaDestroyer

    how u download HOW!!! Pleas tell me how

    • evan

      I know how to download it

  • kasperi


  • evan

    I know how to download the launcher

  • evan

    who wants to play crazy craft

    • Aman Saini


    • Preston

      i do

    • Tori Osgood

      i do, i need help

  • Ali Fakham

    Really I don’t know my brothers minecraft account password he never tells me

  • Ali Fakham

    And I want to play crazy craft I just have no password account

  • ender guy

    plzzzzzzz some one tell me how to download crazy craft 3.0 i love it a lot plzzzz

  • Travis Anthony

    the server wont work for me it keep saying outdate server

    • garrett dennison

      change your minecraft version to what ever version cc 2.2 is in

  • amanda

    i dooooooooooooooooo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • RejusLTU


  • Christian C. Balber

    I Can’t Join

    • ftdrdr

      ME eather

  • ftdrdr

    how do you join

  • ftdrdr

    can i be a gang

  • Mt

    Can you get on xbox

    • Kolton


  • Lewis Tunnicliffe

    I think they should bring it to consloles e.g. xbox 360

    • Claire Da Bear

      YES! That would be AMAZING! For PE, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox 1! I has PS3 and I am a youtuber and I would LOVE to have it on my TV to play and record! They should make mods in general for all of those things!

  • kx.wx

    how do i do this on mac?

  • #atlantis

    Cody and Joe do you think you can upgrade void launcher so I can play it on my windows 10?

    • Jersey D McAdam

      yeah, I need it too

    • badagent24 awesome

      same here

    • thesupergaming

      i play it onw wins 10 and it’s fine

  • Tori Osgood

    can someone make a youtube video on how to do the steps listed above? ty!

    • JoeyGames TV

      do u still need a tutorial i can upload one?

  • Jersey D McAdam

    mine aint working, can you upgrade it to version 1.8.9 ????

    • thekillerdueler46

      no as they cant use orespawn

  • Christopher Cuprys

    at is saying “” why someone help

  • Christopher Cuprys

    is the server down or something

  • Matteo Minecraft and more


  • benobilistic

    it says could not create virtual machine!!!what it mean!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • benobilistic

    it says could not create java virtual machine!!!what it mean!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    • thekillerdueler46

      use the factory defualts button and redownload it

    • Puppet Boy

      Pritty sure i had the same problem but i updated my java to 64 bit (I think) and it worked

  • benobilistic


  • thekillerdueler46

    has the server been shut down

    • FifthTundraGaming


  • sonic sky66

    for all those when it says java virtual machine you have to delete java 8 and download java 7 here is a link to a video tututurial

  • jasminebin woozworld

    yes plz upgrade i cant play on my windows 10

  • Warrir_three

    Does it have keep inventory on?

    • FifthTundraGaming

      its not working anymore nobody can help. Sorry.

  • Warrir_three

    I can’t play it. It says I have incorrect username/password combination when it’s right on normal minecraft.

    • ILikePizza

      use your email not username

    • FifthTundraGaming

      Use you email

  • Gamecrafter20

    my game works but the official server doesn’t work

    • dano bosi

      me too

    • FifthTundraGaming

      The server shut down on release i think

  • Gamecrafter20

    pls help

  • Gamecrafter20

    It says: Connection timed out: connect

    • dano bosi


    • FifthTundraGaming

      im not helping from this anymore

  • Gamecrafter20



  • IISuperMafiaII

    I have the VoidLaucher but how do I log into it Someone plz help

    • Kentros_Griffin

      use your email instead of username

  • Paolo Russo

    what’s going on with the server?and why it isn’t on crazy craft 3.0?

    • FifthTundraGaming

      This is a Crazy Craft 2.2 server not 3.0

  • Soul


  • CierraA

    I am using a Macbook Air and would like the play on the Crazy Craft public server and cannot join. I was looking at away to fix this and saw the How to Join list. The only problem I am having is how to Unzip the java program from the winrar file. Can someone please help me?

    • FifthTundraGaming

      Just open the application in the .zip file

  • TheReal2014boy

    It says: Connection timed out: connect wtf? Help!

    • dano bosi

      Same here

    • FifthTundraGaming

      In my way i think its Minecraft Premium

  • crazycarno34

    wtf it doesnt even say if the crazy craft server is even on pls fix like what type of server is this and yeah it doesnt even work that well on windows ten pls fix

  • RTLMinecraft

    i cant get on the server! Please help me it just says: Connection Timed Out: Connect.

    • dano bosi

      Me too

    • FifthTundraGaming

      I may have come up with a way to fix this. The time it was released was during Minecraft Premium so it may need that kind of account so therefore nobody can play unless they update it

  • maat765

    Im having a hard time logging into the launcher, i use my minecraft premium account information to log into the thing after downloaded. For some reason there might be a glitch, where the launcher does not check the minecraft website log in correctly. I have changed my password about 3 times still and it still will not work. Please help

    • FifthTundraGaming

      You need to upgrade to a Mojang account

  • Swarthycannon40

    cody and joe can you may be make a crazy craft for phone/mobile because i have no laptop

    • buzzbuzz323

      You do realize they don’t make the mods right? You would have to get in contact with EVERY mod creator and ask them to port it, which 1: they probably wont, and 2: some of the mods have been discontinued such as orespawn

    • FifthTundraGaming

      Mods are not supported on ANY mobile device!

  • Kristi Lee

    Are the servers still up and running? I keep trying to get on the crazycraft server, and I keep getting a time out error.

    • FifthTundraGaming

      Iive seen this so many times i wil email Cody to release a post to say its not running anymore

  • Atlanticraft_girl

    Hey there. I’ve been trying to play the Crazy Craft, jurassic park, and other online servers. It keeps saying the connection times out since I guess it takes to long to load. Do you think its my computer? The mods load perfectly fine on single player. I wanted to play online since I love the mods and wanted to have some fun with others since I don’t have friends to play multiplayer with. Get back to me when you can:)

    • FifthTundraGaming

      It may be your given RAM but ive never tried so i cant help much here

  • VlogOmigo

    hi i need help when i hit official public server it keeps loading then it says connection timed out:connect. PLEASE HELP ME

  • little jelly awesome!

    Cody and Mr.Joe Can you update it soo i can play with
    my LG phone

    • buzzbuzz323

      I don’t think you understand how mods work…

    • FifthTundraGaming

      They will not release any on mobile.


    How create a account in CrazyCraft?

    • FifthTundraGaming

      You dont create an account. At the bottom left you will put in your Minecraft login info

  • Space Unicorns


  • Space Unicorns

    update to windows 10 plz

  • Jonah Wheeler

    cant connect to server -_- connection time out:connect please help

    • dano bosi

      I know right its annoying

  • Jonah Wheeler

    if the servers are no more please say so

  • David Jordan

    server not work :(

  • Fady Qamo

    is there any servers ?

  • Krists Butans

    cant connect says connection refused :connect

    • voidswrath

      sorry yes the server had to be shut down.

  • VerbalTurnip795

    how do i open the server

    • FifthTundraGaming

      I belive the server shut down from the “Official Server” button. But im not sure if thats just me
      Try going to mulitplayer and putting in the ip

  • VerbalTurnip795

    how do i get my windows computer to load crazy craft help me please

    • FifthTundraGaming

      If you have the Void Lancher loaded you will click “Mod Pack” and scroll down until you find “Crazy Craft 2.2” click on that and hit “Play” if not already installed it should take more than 3 min to load. If installed almost instantly it will load

  • FifthTundraGaming

    Its not working anymore from the “official server button”

  • SlayzPlays

    Does crazy craft 2.2 exist because every time i try to load it up it pops up with Java Virtual Machine Launcher Error. So i do not know if i am dumb but this is what pops up in the console Please help, i am very bad with this stuff. Also resond as fast as possible because i really wanted to play this.

    • gufty

      yea this happens to me to and i really wanted to play it

  • DaSavageCabbage7

    there is no crazy craft 2.2 only 3.0 will this work on the server??

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