Jurassic Craft 1.0 [WIP]

The Jurassic Craft server is work in progress and we plan to be launching it very soon! We have been working on this server for awhile now and learning ways to imrpove our technique for our servers and we have come up with a good template when we made the crazy craft server. We plan to structure the Jurassic Craft server similar to the Crazy Craft one having a hub, factions, survival and skywars! We have had a few various things made for the server some spawns and hubs and also some custom mods and plugins. The server should be launching in December as long as nothing happens that prevents us from having a massive multiplayer server for it!

Command Tutorial

How To Join


  • Joshua Banister

    whats a 1.7.10 server

  • Joshua Banister

    i mean a server that will go with this mod pack 😛

  • sam

    How do you download the server.

    • panagiotatoussis

      no u just rite the ip

  • Caylib harvey

    I have been waiting to try out this job pak

  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • Shreya Kodali


  • leogvhcvc22


    • potato

      hey im hopeing you can tell me how to download it

  • Devyn Legnani


  • lucio

    and cody

  • panagiotatoussis

    cody joe acan u make it for 1.8 too end crazy craft if u can? plizz

  • panagiotatoussis

    hau do u get the packs?

  • 2013wolfking

    hlep cant dowload this mod packs

    • potato

      me ether

  • alex

    I hate this web page I cant get on to the servers the only server I can get on to is gta



  • Coby Edgar

    how do you download the server

    • potato

      i dont know how i can download it ether

  • Eliijah Brandas

    how do i play jurassic craft it say my username/password is wrong but it is not

    • potato

      mine do to

  • Clinthouse

    I want to play :(

  • Clinthouse

    ThecodyMaveraick and Jobuz are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • potato

    i cant play becuase it will not work

  • Joey Rushnok

    How do you get on it won’t let me

  • max

    how do i insall the server

  • crazycarno34

    its a work in progress

  • jason knowles

    if anyone doesn’t know how to get the server you go to edit profile scroll down to the bottom click 1.6.2 click save and then open up minecraft go to multiplayer and click add server and put in the name of server and the ip

  • DommyGaming

    Where is the Edit profile?

  • Bronwyn Haselbauwer

    i can not join *cry’s*

  • TheProfessional


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