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We are proud to present the Voids Wrath relaunch! This relaunch is the rebirth of everyones favorite mod pack launcher. With over 6 mod packs the new launcher is ready to appeal to everyones minecraft needs. With the new mod packs comes a new launcher. You have enjoyed the redesign of the launcher and here comes the full release with bug fixes and new launcher features! We don’t stop there we release our brand new custom designed website as well! We are already hard at work for more mod packs and launcher features!

New Redesigned Website

We have totally redesigned our website from the ground up! We were not happy with our previous website and we thought it was a poor representation of what we offer! We wanted our website to reflect the amount of detail and effort that went into the launcher! We made the new website a hub for everything to do with The Atlantic Craft and the Voids Wrath! Now the voids wrath extends to more than just a mod pack launcher. We have many mods that we create, servers and soon to be mobile games! We hired a website designer to create a website that could be all that and more. We hired a designer who has worked on websites such as league of legends and he started around July. After he finished we had our website developer make the website come to life and he did just that! The website came out great and has a lot to offer all you Atlanteans!

Website Features

  1. Home Page: We offer many different things and we want our followers to be informed of all the things we are doing! The news page you can find things like Mod Pack updates, new mods we make, new projects from The Atlantic Craft and more! We also have a video list of the 8 latest videos from The Atlantic Craft!
  2. Mod Packs: This tab is dedicated to the Void Launcher and all of its mod packs! The first thing you will see is the Void Launcher and once you have yourself that you can go over to the mod packs. This is where we explain the mod pack and show you what it’s all about!
  3. Mod Installers: We want an easy way for all you guys to play your favorite mods! We showcase around 5-10 mods a month and we want to offer an easy way for you to install all of these awesome mods! We provide 2-3 new mods that have an auto installer for you guys to use that will automatically install a mod to your minecraft!
  4. Servers: The Atlantic Craft owns a few servers and its hard to keep track of them all! This tab is dedicated to giving you information for each server that The Atlantic Craft and Voids Wrath run! It also shows work in progress servers we are currently working on! We want to end up having mod pack servers for every mod pack we have. That is the dream that is however we keep getting set back! We shall hopefully have 2-3 new servers this summer for you guys like Fellowship, Dream Craft, & Jurassic Craft!

New Mod Packs

With all the Mod Packs we had trouble keeping track of them so it was time to get rid of all the unused mod packs that didn’t get much attention or we felt were not necessary to have. We now have a good core to work off of with 6 solid mod packs. We have a huge list of mod packs we want to do and we plan to do in the next few months. All mod packs either got updated, redone, deleted, or moved to legacy.
  1. Voids Wrath: This mod pack is a fan favorite it is the first mod pack to ever be created and the first adventure mod pack to be scene on minecraft for multiplayer! It was ground breaking and exciting we made it over 2 years ago! This mod pack got moved to new legacy section on the launcher. Legacy section is for mod packs we have completed and will be redoing later on. So having it under legacy means there will be no future updates for it but its there for you to enjoy as the next version will be totally different.
  2. Crazy Craft 1.0: This is a mod pack that has been very dear to my heart. It was created over a year ago and it has been completed and we had already moved to 2.0. We wanted to still offer it as a legacy pack as we overhauled crazy craft for 2.0. We wanted people to experience the original Crazy Craft, so we moved CC 1.0 to the legacy section of the launcher. We will no longer be updated this mod pack.
  3. Crazy Craft 2.0: It is the latest version of Crazy Craft. With its sibling CC 1.0 being moved to Legacy its not far off that CC 2.0 will be considered legacy with its successor just around the corner CC 3.0. For now CC 2.0 sits as an official mod pack for the void launcher. There were no changes to the mod pack and it is completed. There is no further updates coming to CC 2.0 and will soon be moved to Legacy when CC 3.0 comes around in the next couple months.
  4. Jurassic Craft: Jurassic Craft was a series started over 2 years ago and around a year ago we offered it to the masses! We are proud to say Jurassic Craft is now updated to 1.7.10. We sadly had to remove a few key mods but we plan to be adding them back as they get updated. In the mean time we have redefined what Jurassic Craft was. It is pretty insane to say the least. With over 80 mods this is one of the most intensive mod packs we have available. With so much attention to detail you can recreate a perfect replication of Jurassic Park!
  5. PokePack: At long last Poke Pack is a mod pack worth playing! I have built one of the coolest adventure mod packs out there! With pixelmon its always hard to create a mod pack that can compliment it. However I think I have outdone myself ;). You guys have a realistic world to create and explore. The old pokepack has been removed.
  6. Crusader Craft: You might be asking what is this Crusader Craft you speak of!? It is the new Fellowship mod pack! We felt Fellowship was holding the mod pack down and only making it about lord of the rings! We love lord of the rings however we wanted to have a name that was true to the mod pack where you are put in a general medieval world where you can create some of the most insane castles ever seen! The Crusader Craft mod pack is totally rehauled from Fellowship. Fellowship has been removed from the launcher.


The Void Launcher not too long ago was released has a beta launch of our totally redesigned launcher. This was a huge step for us to get the relaunch going. We used this as a live beta test where we managed to smash out all known bugs along with that we found out things that weren’t working and that was the home page. We wanted to show our player base what we were doing! The previous news page was just too bulky and ugly so we had a total rehaul on the home page adding in a news page hub for all Voids Wrath changes! We plan to change the servers tab and adding in a high scores tab. After that we turn to the mods tab and we will be adding in over 500 mods in ranging versions and making a way for you to create mod packs on the launcher! After that we want to touch up the design on the mod packs tab and we will feel the launcher would be complete after that. So updates to come enjoy it now!
  • Mini_Potato_Man

    Finally Im a youtuber please joe and cody can i do something with you email me at [email protected] or the channels email [email protected]

    • TheAtlanticCraft

      cool man feel free to make some awesome videos!

      • Noble Draft

        TheAtlanticCraft I havent figured out how to get the launcher working? Im using a mac osx

  • Karl Andrei Crelencia

    java voidswrath launcher D:

  • Collin Duvernois

    When will the Maze Challenge come on the Launcher I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THAT MODPACK SO BAD

  • Ben Lauren

    I seem to have a problem playing JurrasicCraft and CursaderCraft, the only two 1.7.10 modpacks on the launcher. I have a Mac, so that might have something to do with it. I was really excited to play CrusaderCraft, so could you please help me out?

  • Kevin

    My void launcher does open but it is stuck at the voids wrath loading screen! It’s on my mac help!

  • kikyboo

    I click the VoidLauncher to play… And it pops up fine… But only stays on the logo screen! It worked fine the other times I have played (that was a couple of weeks ago) but not it won’t even go past the logo. I also loaded it up a few hours ago and I was logged in on the launcher etc, but only the structure of the launcher came up, not the modpacks or news etc. Now, I can’t even get past the logo screen. HELP!
    (the attached photo is the logo it gets stuck on).

  • Rohale Ahmad

    So no one got that this is an April Fool’s Joke and that logo screen is supposed to stay stuck?

  • Rohale Ahmad

    For the people who have the same issue that kikyboo stated:

    “I click the VoidLauncher to play… And it pops up fine… But only stays on the logo screen! It worked fine the other times I have played (that was a couple of weeks ago) but not it won’t even go past the logo. I also loaded it up a few hours ago and I was logged in on the launcher etc, but only the structure of the launcher came up, not the modpacks or news etc. Now, I can’t even get past the logo screen. HELP!”

    The solution that I have found is that if you go into Task Manager and select processes and left click on the first Java that shows up and select End Process Tree. The launcher starts up normally.

    NOTE: I don’t know if this will work for anyone else. So don’t reply saying it doesn’t work because I cannot help you then.

    • kikyboo

      I’m using Windows 8 and the only selection is ‘End Task’, not ‘End Process Tree’. Thank you for your suggestions! I tried End Task but it hasn’t worked. Thank you very much for responding to my comment… If anybody does figure out how to get it to work, i’d appreciate them telling me. Once again, thank you Rohale Ahmad for your suggestions.

      • Rohale Ahmad

        Tell me if upgrading your java does anything because I just upgraded mine to Environment 8 build 40 does anything. The logo doesn’t even appear and it goes straight to the launcher after I upgraded my java.

  • Ryan C

    It’s not an April fools joke because mine works perfectely fine

  • Ryan C

    It’s called you have Java 8/9. It only supports 7 and under!

  • juniormijares

    how come when is start up the launcher it will stay on the logo screen keep coming water comes out then in out the in it stays stuck forover

  • Jacobk117

    mine just water comes out then its just stuck and freezes and i cant close it, plus i did everything i can but it’s still freezing, but before that it was working for my mac, Someone help!!

  • Jacobk117

    And now the logo wont even pop up!

  • Yeah but the Voids Wrath modpack alway’s freezes. In my opinion it is crap compared to the better technic launcher

  • I rate this 3 out of 10

  • The_Chicken 2

    dont work

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  • http://www.spiderman.com My Minecraft name __TheOPGamer


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    Where is the Maze Challenge Modpack?

  • Darkfur14

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    • jasper de bont

      You need to type your e-mail adress

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  • spiderman


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  • Deadpoolthe_best

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    guys, this is voidswrath comments…

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